Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber full name is Justin Drew Bieber. He was born on 1st of March in 1994 in London, Ontario. He was raised in Stratford, Ontario. Bieber is a famous canadian singer and songwriter. He was famous from his best ever song "Baby"

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen has been an established artist in Canada for several years — with a third-place finish on Canadian Idol, two gold singles, two albums, and two Juno Award nominations to her name — Jepsen was a virtual unknown in the U.S. when “Call Me Maybe” hit it big.

The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye is a Toronto-based singer famous by named " The Weeknd " . He recorded his all songs under " The Weeknd " name , his first song leaked in late 2010, though the identity of the individual behind the project was initially unknown. " The Weeknd " released a nine-song mixtape, House of Balloons, on 21 March 2011

Addy C

Adelynn Cuevas, or Addy C as she is known, is an 8 year old Latina from metro Atlanta, Ga. Addy loves to sing, dance , and play piano...

Céline Schmink

Celine Schmink is a french singer and also writer, journalist and Associate songwriter of SACEM. She writes in french and english in a pop folk style. Her musical work is regularly praised by the regional and national press and broadcast in France, Greece, Australia and the USA, where she leads a bilingual performing career.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Interview with 2tallin'

Love Music : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education etc. ?? 
I'm a business owner, marketing, and focused on growing my brand through social media!


Love Music : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

It's such a blessing for people to appreciate my music, and I will always love new fans!


Love Music : Please tell us more about your song " NEXT TO ME" ?

It's all about falling in love with your soulmate, and specifically I wrote it for my wifey



Love Music : What motivates you to do your best work?

I'm motivated by artists like Drake, Tayor Swift, Justin Beiber... that are so good at staying relevant after they've had success


Love Music : Who are your musical inspirations?

Michael Jackson, Guns & Roses, Eminem,


Love Music : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician ?

Never give up.... to ofter artists give up after not having instant success


Love Music : What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years.

My music is evolving.. I'm producing more for other artists, and my music is going to be focused on LOVE, MOTIVATION, FAMILY


Love Music : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

Cocahella has been a DREAM


Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I make music as a hobby so when I get an hour I go into my music and either start writing on a song I'm working, or start producing


Love Music : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you ?

Absolutely @2TALLINmania on Twitter, or @2tallin on Instagram

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Interview with Steve Ouchie about The Ouchies EP Release

Love Music : Let's talk a bit about your music and what is the secret behind your band's success ?

I'll have to give that one to our love of music and ability to tolerate each other. We've been a band since 2005. Things can change a lot in that long of a time frame. We have our differences, but have all remained close friends over the years. We always played the underground scene and never really got serious about things until now. People really engaged with our music and encouraged us to push a little harder.

Love Music : Can you please tell our readers more about the band members and their role in the band ?

Yes, I'm on Vocals and Guitar - Then you've got Chase on Bass doing chorus vocals on "War On The Commons" - and Mike on Drums / Vocals. The EP is mostly me singing, but I do split vocals on a few songs with Mike when we play other songs live.

Love Music : Please tell us more about your new EP ?

Sure. It was released this year. Self titled: The Ouchies EP. We had a great time recording it at Glow In The Dark Studios - Atlanta, GA. We worked with Matt Goldman. He is an amazing producer who really shares a passion for both music and the process of recording in general. He really knows his stuff.

Love Music : Any new projects coming up ?

Yes, we are working on two music videos and plan to record a full length album next year. Other than that.. just playing some dates across the US.

Love Music : Where do you see your band in five to 10 years time ?

Hopefully still playing. It's a big part of our lives. We'd love to play with more of the bands that we looked up to in our younger years.

Love Music : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a part of your band?

Yeah. You can be in our band as long as you carry all of our gear around and set us up each night. Just kidding. Start your own band. Find others who share your passion and enjoy the ride. There is nothing like looking back at where you were and where you are now.

Love Music : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

We love the USA of course. There are many great places in the world. However, I'd love to visit  and play in Japan, Germany, Australia. Those stick out to me.

Love Music : Have you set some goals to achieve as Rock band?

Yes, record some decent music. Check.

Love Music : Please share with us your proudest moments ?

Band moments or life moments? I'd say doing this interview with you. 

Love Music : Awesome!  How can people find you and follow you online?

We are all over the web now. Most every major streaming network has us. We are on Google play, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation, etc.. You can also find us on: facebook.com/theouchies

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Interview with Jay Kipps

Love Music : Let’s talk a bit about your music and what is the secret behind your band success?  

Things moved quickly on this record. The creative juices were flowing so we got into the studio to lay things down for the new record right away. I find working with a band and creating new music is like trying to capture a moment in time. Too much rehersal and the magic dries up, not enough and things get messy and you end up wasting time and money in the studio. I think we pulled this off at just the right time and really captured something special on the record. There is something here for just about anyone that is into blues, roots, rock, Americana, surf, bluegrass. We got it covered.


Love Music : Can you please tell our readers more about the band members and their role in the band ? 

A. Chad Burford is our lead guitar player and has been a great partner in the writing process. We are both heavily influenced by stripped down, honest grooves from the 60’s and 70’s. I have some unique influences that date back to an earlier time and to my Dad’s record collection. It has been rare to find others to play with that have those same surf, western, blues and rock influences. Chad finishes my musical sentences in a way that inspires my creativity and creates a collaborative environment for the rest of the band.


Love Music : Any new project do you have coming up ? 

We have a new single. Coming out and are working on 15 new songs for a new record. Some of the songs could have been on our first record but weren’t ready yet. I’m excited to get them out there. I think together these songs create an even harder driving up beat vibe and we have some great special guests helping us to bring in some new flavours.


Love Music : Please tell us more about your new debut "HOW TO POLISH YOUR LONGHORNS" ?  

One of our fans gave us a “Texas Longhorn Kit” when we told him about some of the gun slinger, old west vibe we were thinking of for the cover art. I really liked some of the Outlaw Country covers from bands like CSNY and The Eagles that featured the old west. As a kid I lived in the Yukon for a while and as a teen I work out west as a cowboy. Even thou we are not country I wanted to get some of that twang across in our brand. Anyway, we were given this longhorn kit from the 60’s complete with detailed instructions on how to assemble, how to carve the leather, how to mount your horns and how to polish them. The font on the cover was made from those instructions and those horns travelled with us to the studio and to every show. Each track on the record is laid out as another step in “polishing your Longhorns”.

Love Music : Who are your musical inspirations? 

The Band, CSNY, Neil Young, Fred Eaglesmith, Bap Kennedy, Wilco, JJ Cale, Sunny Boy Williamson, Big Mama Thornton, The Ventures,


Love Music : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician ? 

Don’t do it. It has become a really tough business. Do it for yourself and for the art first and make another plan for the rest because people are not “discovered” like they used to be. Beware of false promises. Kick ass and stay true to your vision. Don’t let the ass holes win. Try and play with as many different styles and people as you can. Stay open.

Love Music : Have you set some goals to achieve ?

I would like to put out this record on Vinal. I am biased obviously but I think the cover art is awesome. We wanted to convey an old school vinal kind of fold experience that I associate with my childhood looking at my Dad’s records. I think that we did that successfully even with our CD’s. It will be even better with vinal and the photography will be great in larger format.

As I said, we also have 15 new songs we are working on and we are putting the finishing touches on our next single now.


Love Music : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be? 

Americana Fest in the UK or the Fred Eaglesmith charity picnic which is the largest remaining Roots music festival in Canada. We have made so many friends there and have met so many great players including players that ended up on contributing to our record.


Love Music : Please share with us your proudest moments ?

Our record release was epic. We had so many great players contribute and come out and play to help us warm up the crowd. Looking out at the crowd and seeing old Freinds and fans who had travelled many hours to see us and seeing new fans touched by our music and song writhing and singing along is really an indescribable moving experience. Also, opening for great Canadian bands like the The Trews and playing with music mentors like the late blues legend Jeff Heley have all been incredible mile markers for us.









Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Interview with Brice Sedgwick

Love Music : Please tell us about yourself & why you decided to work in music?

For the past 6 years I’ve been living in London, UK. What began as a sort of experiment turned into the catalyst for the next stage of my career. I started writing with a few British artists; the London music scene is extremely eclectic and invigorating. Even now, I find myself wondering how would these artists approach the music I’m writing. Growing up I had played the piano and guitar, and did a lot of stage work, and so I think creating my own music, and telling my own stories was a natural, and inevitable progression. I even find myself, still to this day, thinking about the artists that were my musical awakening, and finding that influence my work. That always brings a smile to my face.

Love Music : We’ve been hearing a lot about you.You’re starting to gain a lot of attention in the indie circles. How does that feel?

To be recognized for the creative work you do is pretty damn good. You know, it’s always great to hear people are enjoying your music and to recognize the work you do, creative or otherwise, but I always make sure not to place importance on whether my music will be popular, only that I have music I want to make. The rest is a bonus.

Love Music : What is the best and worst thing about being a songwriter?

Writing about people who you love, or moments you need to capture is one of the amazing things about being a songwriter. You can create this sonic photograph that just sits there, waiting for someone else to fold it up and put in their pocket, and look at it when they want to. It starts with your moments, your experiences, and you get to keep that, or whoever was a part of the story gets to keep that, and hold onto it; it becomes a part of your story. At the same time, someone else gets to make a photograph out of something that isn’t visible.  Now that’s pretty damn cool.

I suppose, on the flip side, is when you have a great story, or a vivid moment you want to capture in song, and you don’t know where to begin. That’s happened a few times. Writing down lines here and there, just to keep the memory alive,is important. There’s been moments from the past that I can still reach back and touch and recall in such rich detail. Venice is one of those moments.

Love Music : How would you describe your personal style? Where do you pull your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from so many different people, depending on the project or song I’m working on. From Kanye West to The Beach Boys, and Portishead to Taylor Swift. Actually, I’ve spent the past two weeks bingeing Kanye West. I go through phases. Because the days are getting shorter, and nights are becoming longer, I had been playing Yeezus over and over. Man, that is a beautifully abrasive record. With Venice, I wanted to maintain a sonic consistency, and so I threaded surf guitarand tremolo guitar throughout the record. During the sessions, my producer and I dubbed it Surf Noir, or Coastal Noir Pop.

I’ve begun writing the next record, and I’ve been listening to a lot of different music. I’m trying to stretch and bend my writing style and dress it in different colors, and frame it in a different way. That’s always exciting. It’s always thrilling to bring what I do to someone else’s world, and see what comes out on the other side.

Love Music : What are some of your earliest memories?

I remember the summertimes of my childhood the most. Hot pavements, and sticky hands from melted sunny boys. I remember driving down the coast after a summer vacation and there was this brilliant pink sunset framed by palm trees on either side of the road. I can distinctly remember the feeling that I had in that moment; happiness, excitement, contentment. I can remember it with such clarity. Joshua Kadison was playing on the radio. My brother loved Joshua Kadison. My earliest memory I can recall is opening presents on Christmas morning, and being too excited at receiving a Thomas the Tank Engine train.

Love Music : Why call the record Venice?

I called the record Venice because the song, and the emotion behind the song, is mirroredin all of the other tracks. I called it Venice because it was the perfect word to represent how I felt when assembling the record, how I feel when I think about the music, and how I still feel now when I talk about it. There’s an endlessness I discovered on Venice Beach. It reminded me of that childhood memory of driving home that summer vacation growing up, ya know? It was almost like déjà vu, but it was something much more than an anomaly of memory.

Love Music : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician?

Do the work. Keep at it. Make the music because it wants to be made, and it wants to be made by you. Make the mistakes. Try again. Keep trying. Keep doing the work and do it because you love it and the fear of failure and the result of your work become inconsequential. Do it because you love it. Keep at it. You got this.

Love Music : What are your future plans? What’s your vision for the coming years? 

We’re planning on documenting the creation of the next record, so that will be interesting. I’m looking forward to branching out and experimenting with different writers, and producers, and music styles. Sit amongst my dogs and drink coffee and keep making some kick ass tunes. I have this vision of making a grand, lush, broadway-esque, string-laden epic, so, I best get started on that.

Love Music : If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it have to be?

I’d love to perform at the Rose Bowl or Hollywood Bowl. A stage on Venice Beach just before the sun starts to set with all of my favorite people in the audience would be all kinds of perfect.

Love Music : Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you?

I am. I have a website that I keep up to date, but you can also follow me on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram and see what I’m up to most days. Come say hi, don’t be shy. It’s usually coffee and This Is Us, but sometimes it can get interesting.

Venice is now available worldwide exclusively on iTunes.

A Great Conversation with Hicks

We recently interviewed a solo artist, Hicks. Read his interesting interview here:


Love Music : What's the story behind your stage name?

I wanted something short and simple and easy to remember. My real name is Miqael Persson but I didn't think that it sounded country. I'm from the southern part of Sweden, grew up in a small town and I'm a hick so I thought Hicks would be perfect.

Love Music : What do you contribute to the final product of your music?

I'm a solo artist... I sing, play guitar and write. I also have my own label and music publishing company KashKow Music. So it's music 24-7.

Love Music : What is your personal idea of success? At what point will you feel like you've "arrived"?

Success can be so many different things. I've won a lot of awards and got tons of nominations. I got airplay all over the world, had my songs reaching #1 on a lot of charts. Had hundred thousands of spins on every single that I've released. Been invited to play and headlines festivals around the globe. Got to work with some of my heroes I grew up listening to. Been on TV shows in UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia... Had my songs cut by artists from all around the world. So yeah I think I have arrived.

Love Music : Have you experienced any embarrassing yet funny failures in your music career thus far?

I haven't really had any super embarrassing moments. If I f-ck up on stage I make a thing of it, or the guys in the band make a thing of it. So we get to laugh with the crowd. And maybe do it again on purpose later in the show just to laugh even more about it.

Love Music : How long did it take before you could actually finish a song and think, "THIS IS GREAT STUFF!"?

I think you're on that learning curve as long as you keep writing... I've been writing songs as long as I can remember. I think I was around 15 or 16 when I started to feel that "hey this is pretty good" When I got my first cut with another artist and that album went Gold and they won a Grammy for best album. I felt "I must be doing something right" And that gave me a lot of confidence to write even more. But like I said before, as long as you write you keep learning.

Love Music : What would be your backup plan if you weren't so invested in your music? 

If I wasn't working with music I would probably work as a physiotherapist of some sort. I am trained to be a Polarity Therapist. I'm very interested in health and helping other people to feel better. I had my own practice in my old hometown. But I got so busy working with music so I closed it down and started focusing on my music career. I don't regret that one single second. I spend an hour in the gym almost every day. keeping fit and healthy is my religion :) As you can see in my latest video "Stomp A Little Louder" I try to stay in shape.

Love Music : How much time do you put into your music career?

I do something every day... I don't really know how many hours I put in. One day it could be just one hour while other days it could be ten... It's a labor of love.

Love Music : Who would your dream collaboration be with?

I've had a real dream collaboration. My latest single "Stomp A Little Louder" did I actually write with Mr country legend himself Steve Wariner. And he plays the guitars on the track alongside his son Ryan. I would love to do a duet with Brooks And Dunn... I know they parted ways a few years ago but that would be such a dream come through. I'm a huge Brooks And Dunn fan. it broke my heart when they split up. Mutt Lange is one of my favorite producers, to work with him on a few songs or even a whole album would be amazing. I'm a big fan of Jeffrey Steele's writing. I think he is one of the best songwriters in the world. So carve some tunes with him is high on my bucket list.

Read the full interview here:






Monday, 12 March 2018

GHT 2018 Live Performance by Addy C

Adelynn Cuevas, or Addy C as she is known, is an 8 year old Latina from metro Atlanta, Ga. Addy loves to sing, dance , and play piano. She competes in natural beauty pageants, and has won many titles, since age 4. Addy dreams of becoming a pop star one day. Addy has a big following at Karaoke nights in the Canton, and Woodstock, Georgia area. Addy is also and Actress and Model.

Check out her Instagram: @I_am_addy_c

Twitter: @AdelynnCuevas

Please watch, like, subscribe, and share her videos.

Addy C  YouTube Channel

Check out GHT 2018 Live Performance by Addy C

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Interview with guitarist & founder of Through Infinity: Josip Pešut

Love Music : Le’s talk a bit about your music and what is the secret behind your band success ?

I guess the secret to achieving things for us has always been pushing our limits, and going heads through wall.

Whatever seemed impossible in the end always had things aligning to make it happen.

That's the way we raised up predispositions for making our debut album, our videos, our promotions...

But music itself, on the other hand, had a totally opposite approach. It was done without any pressure whatsoever.

We had all the time in the world to make our demos, to work on our arrangements and instrumentations, and then to mix and master every song.

Sometimes it's finding the balance of both ways, and letting the right people fall into the right place in the whole story.


Love Music : Can you please tell our readers more about the band members and their role in the band ? 
Besides being a guitarist, I'm considered a founder of the band, as I turned the idea of having a solo career into making Through Infinity.

I wanted something bigger than myself, and I wanted to involve others in the band as much as possible, as I knew how much quality they bring to the table.

For the most songs I write basic ideas and melodies, and then everyone else steps in to lift it up.

Tomo Bacurin "Diamond" is here with vast music production experience, since his Longplay Studio (www.longplay.hr) works commercially for at least a decade.

He also runs a digital distribution company through which all our releases go. It makes us so much things easier.

He's also an amazing keyboard player and, before anything, exceptional arranger and composer.

Tomislav Lackovic is one of the most talented and diverse bassist I know, and I know a lot of them.
If you want to hear great bass lines in rock, metal, pop, jazz, fusion, blues, you name it, he'll play it.

He's been a huge friend ever since I began writing music, and his belief in Through Infinity is an enormous motivation for me.

Damir Somen is with no doubt among the most rated session drummers in south eastern Europe. His list of recorded songs goes to hundreds.

He came in as a session musician, but from the first tone he hit on drums, we knew he gave us "that extra" thing the band needed.

His involvement in the recording process is now of essential value, as he's the foundation on which we all place our takes on.

For woodwinds and traditional instruments we have a respected Macedonian musician Safiudin Alimoski and his brilliantly talented daughter Ðulijana at disposal, and for some sweet, tasty, bluesy licks we have a guitarist friend from Belgium, Antony Reynaert.

Love Music : Please tell us more about your album "The Life" ?

"The Life" went under recording process over 3 times throughout 8 years. It was meant to be my debut solo album, but over time, I kept seeing a much wider picture.

It's a collection of 11 instrumental songs, all different by genres. Some were demoed way back in 2009, some were new, made just for the sake of the album.

It features virtuoso moments pointed on electric guitars, drums, keyboards, flute and sometimes bass guitar.

I see this album as a platform on which the band members truly got to know each other.


Love Music : What motivates you to do your best work as founder of Through Infinity & Guitarist?

The more we put into Through Infinity the better it develops. My main motivation is watching the whole story grow over time, exponentially, in every possible way. 


Love Music : Who are your musical inspirations?

There's a page on Through Infinity website (www.throughinfinity.net) called blogs.

We continuously make our little stories of who and why inspired us, so it's worth taking a look.

But I'd like to point out legendary guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, as well as renowned video game music composer Nobuo Uematsu as my main inspirations.


Love Music : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician or Guitarist ?

Take any opportunity given to you and learn to make the best out of the worst. Be a problem solver, not a problem bringer.

Be the best musician you can be, respect everyone and be patient with results.

Music career is not a thing that happens, it's a long process which is always taking a different shape, and you need to most honestly love it!


Love Music : What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years.

Right now, we've basically split our efforts in two directions.

One is doing everything we can to promote our album and putting our name out there.

Second is writing new music. We're again in the studio with an idea of doing a double album. It's gonna feature at least 24 songs with about 2 hours of music.

Some of those songs are gonna be featuring vocals, but most of them will be instrumentals. We're still in the process of auditioning singers, though.

It's a diverse selection of songs, which are getting better and better, each time any of us locks up him or herself in the studio.

We expect it to be released by the end of 2018.


Love Music :  If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

I absolutely adore what Yanni does... He performed in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza, Taj Mahal, The Forbidden Castle... many of the sacred places all around the world.

Playing on any of those places would be a dream come true.

I can only imagine how much inspiration you can get just by standing there, let alone performing music...


Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

Besides working on Through Infinity, I'm an entrepreneur and I'm constantly in motion. I like living that way.

Sometimes it happens things go easy for a few weeks, and still then, a guitar is somewhere around me.

I like traveling, spending time with my loved ones, and I do a bit of amateur boxing for physical recreation.


Love Music : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you ?

I'm personally active on Facebook, but for Through Infinity news, it's best to follow up on our website, as we update it often.

And make sure you like our Instagram page (www.instagram.com/throughinfinityband), we constantly put new photos up!