Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber full name is Justin Drew Bieber. He was born on 1st of March in 1994 in London, Ontario. He was raised in Stratford, Ontario. Bieber is a famous canadian singer and songwriter. He was famous from his best ever song "Baby"

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen has been an established artist in Canada for several years — with a third-place finish on Canadian Idol, two gold singles, two albums, and two Juno Award nominations to her name — Jepsen was a virtual unknown in the U.S. when “Call Me Maybe” hit it big.

The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye is a Toronto-based singer famous by named " The Weeknd " . He recorded his all songs under " The Weeknd " name , his first song leaked in late 2010, though the identity of the individual behind the project was initially unknown. " The Weeknd " released a nine-song mixtape, House of Balloons, on 21 March 2011

Addy C

Adelynn Cuevas, or Addy C as she is known, is an 8 year old Latina from metro Atlanta, Ga. Addy loves to sing, dance , and play piano...

Céline Schmink

Celine Schmink is a french singer and also writer, journalist and Associate songwriter of SACEM. She writes in french and english in a pop folk style. Her musical work is regularly praised by the regional and national press and broadcast in France, Greece, Australia and the USA, where she leads a bilingual performing career.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

12 Signs 21 Sounds

Sarka and Sachi are independent artists, trying to share their life with other people threw music. They are keeping their style and opinions, and they make the music by themselves. That is why their music is authentic and full of the truth. They sing about their relationships, life problems like moving back and forth or having money issues and problems. They also talk about hope. Their music is available on the internet. 

They would like to release the hole album one day. They live in US and in Europe, Sachi is half japanese. If you are interested in female rap/singing, take a look. They have experience in a music field, but this is a new music project which they have started together in Brooklyn, NY changed their music a lot. They are open to meet another LGBT artists and talk about the music. 12 Signs 21 Sounds is their name.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Interview with Stephanie Douglas

Love Music : Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and moved to Seattle when I was 21 to perform theater. It was one of the best times of my life.Seattle has incredible talent and a thriving theater community. I loved the entire experience, however when I look back I realize my favorite parts were creating full-fledged backgrounds for my roles—writing out my character’s history, relationships with others in each scene, struggles, hopes and dreams, etc. And singing, well…singing transports me out of any challenging day and makes a great day even better. 

Love Music : Music is a unique component of your book Callasandra Fractured—what inspired you to incorporate music into the reading experience?

Music is used throughout the story to convey hidden messages to a resistance group as well as to provide cover for characters sharing secrets and important information. I was about half-way through writing the story when I heard a song by the band,Bitter:Sweet. I thought the singer’s voice sounded similar to how I imagined a character named Marissa would sound. In that moment, I thought, Wouldn’t it enhance the feel of the story, if readers could hear the music in real-time as they read the book? From that moment forward I decided I would figure out a way to make that happen.

Love Music : I’ve never heard of music being added to a book that isn’t an audible book. How did you find musicians and make it possible for people to hear the music? 

To my knowledge adding music to a non-audible book hasn’t been done before. The hurdle of figuring out how to add the music was initially a bit overwhelming, so I decided to hold off on the “how” and focus on creating the music. I knew I wanted each song to convey the feel of the scene. I consulted with a local musician, to map out how to create a soundtrack on a tight budget. Through our conversation, he shared a site where you can post a gig or project, and, in my case, musicians would bid for the job. When I selected a musician whose music sample fit what I was looking for, I shared details of the scene and the length of time I anticipated the song would last for the average reader. It was a fascinating process and the music was outstanding. I worked with musicians from all of the world:the Unites States, Italy, Serbia, Venezuela, Germany, Japan, the UK, and more. 

Love Music : What would you say the biggest challenge was from a music perspective? 

I would have to say the number of learning curves to bring the full soundtrack to fruition was the biggest challenge. Writing songs with vocals, recording, editing, and mixing the vocals with instrumental tracks, communicating to the musicians what I was looking for from an instrumental perspective, sound editing, and on and on.Fortunately, I have a tenacious personality, so I took a deep breath and focused on one song at a time – teaching myself along the way. I am very proud of how the music turned out. I think the music is incredibly beautiful and just as I had envisioned, creates an immersive, cinematic feel to the story. It was worth the long hours and the 3 A.M ah-ha moments!

Love Music : So how did you make it possible for readers to hear the music?

A couple of Saturdays a month, I meet with my best friend for what we call our Sanity Saturdays. We have lunch and then sit under a beach umbrella near the pier in Huntington Beach, California. On one of these occasions, I was talking through various scenarios for making the music experience available in real-time. I suspected there would be readers who’d prefer to read the story without music, so it was important to make the music optional. I also anticipated other readers would be intrigued by this innovative reading experience. As we were brainstorming, the idea of using hyperlinked QR codes came to me—they are optional, I could include them in both the hard copy and electronic versions of the book, and they look amazing. 

Love Music : Wow…it sounds intriguing! I’m always curious how writers come up with story lines for their books...what inspired you to write Callasandra Fractured?

It started with a nightmare, actually. I dreamt of waking in the middle of the night and walking down the stairs of a Victorian-style home. The color of the night had a deep purple hue to it and as I reached the bottom of the stairs, I found myself facing a living room with a 1920’s style couch. Suddenly the trunk of a tree burst through the ceiling, without debris and then disappeared only to come through the ceiling from another location—like a puppeteer was causing the tree trunk to come through over and over. I awoke with my heart racing and an adrenaline rush. I don’t know why it was so scary to me, but for weeks I couldn’t shake the dream. I thought how scary it would be to wake up and have one thing in your environment be unexplainably different, like the trunk of tree appearing in the living room. And then I imagined how terrifying it would be for a 16-year old girl to wake up in the middle of the night, find a tree in the living room, and then discover everyone she knew and loved were gone. This became the opening scene of the story.  I have loved reading since I was three years old and have entertained myself and friends with my creative writing over the years, so I decided to dive in and write this story.

Love Music : What did you love about writing the story?

My favorite part about writing the story was how it unfolded. This may sound strange, but the book seemed to write itself. As I wrote each chapter of Callasandra Fractured, it was like watching a movie and trying to capture everything I was seeing and hearing as it played out. I looked forward to discovering what would happen next. The story is filled with twists and turns and fascinating characters. It is about a teenage girl named Cassi, who comes to the terrible realization that nothing is as it seems. Her family is missing and as the story unfolds, Cassi discovers a dangerous family secret and finds herself surrounded by enemies. In order to hide her identity, Cassi becomes Callasandra and must find the strength and courage to fight for her life and the ones she loves.

Love Music : Did you ever experience writer’s block?

Great question! Yes, there were times I experienced writer’s block and it surprised me a little when it would happen. The story would be moving along seamlessly and then suddenly screech to a halt. I was about half-way through the story the first time I experienced writer’s block. After several days of getting nowhere, I realized the issue I faced was the plot of that part of the story was too broad and I needed to be more strategic and specific. I also hadn’t fully visualized the scene. Once I took the time to identify what the characters needed to accomplish and envision the environment, my inner movie began playing again.

Love Music : Did you always want to be a writer?

Hindsight is 20/20 as the saying goes, so looking back I probably did always want to be a writer. I learned to read at 3 years old and was an avid reader throughout my childhood. When I was 5 years old I had a matching card game with famous authors. I loved that game and played it until the cards were frayed. I remember reading the Jane Eyre and Wuthering heights when I was 12yrs old and dove into Stephen King as a teenager. I would write many stories to entertain myself and then fell in love with singing in high school. Singing became the love of my life and my focus became performing. Writing stayed with me however, as I mentioned, I loved creating the stories of my characters. When I dove into writing Callasandra Fractured, I realized writing stories combined with music is exactly what I’d like to do for the rest of my life. It’s magical. 

Love Music : It’s been great spending time with you. Your books sounds fascinating. How can people find you and follow you online? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today. It has truly been a pleasure! 

My website is www.Callasandra.com. People can also find me on Instagram at st3phaniedouglas or on Facebook @CallasandraFractured

Lastly, Callasandra Fractured, the book and soundtrack, are both available at Amazon

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Interview with Amanda McCarthy

Love Music : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education, music passion etc. ?? 

I’ve been into music since I was a young kid. My parents did an amazing job at supporting my brother and I, but we didn’t have money pouring out of our pockets, you know? So I had basic voice lessons on and off for a few years, but I’m almost entirely self taught in songwriting and guitar. My biggest inspiration for diving into songwriting particularly was having an emotional outlet while processing sexual trauma that I hadn’t told anyone about yet. That’s hard enough for anyone to deal with, let alone a teenager. Once I knew I could apply my songwriting to anything and not just that particular pain, I was hooked. I was telling not just my own stories, but the stories of everyone around me as well. I was in college for a few years between different majors but ultimately dropped out to focus on music.

Love Music : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel? 

I certainly don’t think I’m anything special in regards to the bigger picture of the industry, but I feel like since releasing my album Road Trip earlier this summer, a bit of progress and the next steps are beginning to show. I’m proud of what I’ve done and excited to see what’s coming up.

Love Music : Can you please let us know more about your debut full-length album, "Road Trip" ? 

Road Trip is the story of whatever the heck my life has been for the past 3-4 years. From leaving my first love, to wanting to see the world, to escaping an abusive relationship and conquering past demons, to learning how to truly love again. It’s certainly been a trip and it unapologetically addresses each stop on the journey. It’s definitely a bit of a story/concept album if you follow along closely.

Love Music : How's your feeling when your music nominated for 59th Grammy Awards Nomination Ballot? 

To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a Nomination Ballot until I found out I was on it. The nomination ballot is the first round, happening behind industry doors, before the final nominees for the Grammy’s are announced. I was already psyched, then found out just this past March that I actually landed somewhere in the top 20 for the acoustic version of Elephant in the Room. Crazy crazy stuff. I was at a conference in NJ and I called my mom and cried, lol.

Love Music : What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ? 

Definitely the Grammy Nomination Ballot a few years back, along with releasing Road Trip and recently being nominated for three New England Music Awards and five Josie Music Awards. 

Love Music : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next? 

My next goal in life is to FULLY focus on my original music specifically. I play a lot of private or low-key gigs where I perform mostly covers for patrons in restaurants, but I know that my original music has potential and I want to really transition into doing more of that and being a true artist along with a professional musician.

Love Music : Did you choose this industry, as a career, or as a hobby? 

It started as a hobby, but as soon as I knew that I could make it into a career with enough persistence, I dove in full force.

Love Music : What motivates you to do your best work as a storyteller? 

My emotions fuel my stories. I can write about things that didn’t happen to me specifically, but I take on an “acting” approach of fully immersing myself in the topic or story at hand. I love finding a hook that’s catchy and easy to remember, but crafting an honest and compelling story around it that’s likely much deeper than what people probably think it is.

Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time? 

I love reading, writing poetry, spending time at the beach and taking a nice bath with a bath bomb to relax.

Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online? 

My general website is www.amandamccarthy.com - I am on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @amandamcmusic - and my album “Road Trip” is available on Spotify, iTunes/AppleMusic, Bandcamp, GooglePlay, Amazon and all other music streaming sites.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Interview with Amon Martin-Preston Aka Zero The Kidd

Love Music : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education, music passion etc. ?? 

Well I'm from Boynton beach Florida  representing the (561) if you don’t know where it is its an hour north of Miami I had sort of a normal background being raised by my grandparents in a two story house isn’t the worse way to live I'm a college student getting my music certification. Ever since I was 7 I knew I wanted to be in the music industry just watching how it affected people I knew it was my calling 

Love Music : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel? 

It feels amazing I’ve been grinding everyday for what feels like eternity I'm happy that its paying off finally being recognized for my talent and hard work is always a blessing 

Love Music : Any upcoming release? 

Yes actually I have a single dropping on the 24th its called wave it will be my first song dropped across all major  platforms 

Love Music : How's your feeling when your first single was released? 

Nervous very nervous ,before I dropped my first single I probably had like 50 other songs already done but my confidence wasn’t up their one day I woke up and said you know what I'm not going to let anything stop me and I released my first song 

Love Music : What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ? 

My most exciting achievement … Probably being asked to open for trill Sammy he is someone who is really recognized by a lot of people in the industry when I got the call saying that they want me to open for hi this September I was ins hock I was like wow I didn’t think they would ever pick me to preform anywhere near him but that was definitely one of my most exciting achievements 

Love Music : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next? 

Probably start doing more shows I want my name to get out there so I really want to start doing shows 

Love Music : What motivates you to do your best work as a rapper? 

My family whether it’s the good moments or the bad ones I always draw energy from my family and use it as fuel in my music 

Love Music : Did you choose this industry, as a career, or as a hobby? 

Defiantly a career I don’t know what I would do without music this is what I was born to do for the rest of my life music will now and forever be my career

Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time? 

I really don’t have much free time but when I do I spend it with the people that mean the most to me either my family or my team but mostly I sit and think of ways to improve my music 

Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online? 

Well you can follow me on Instagram @zerothekidd or twitter @zerothekidd

Friday, 26 July 2019

Interview with Djsakisp

Love Music : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music industry and what inspires you to do work as DJ/ music producer? 

Hello everybody, First of all I would like to thank you for this interview. My name is Sakis and I was introduced in music in the age of 8 by learning how to play guitar. Later I started djing because I liked the effect music have on people and the feeling you can create with the music. Later on music production was the next step for me.When I started with bootleg of famous tracks in order to add them in my DJ set then I started thinking by making my own tracks.

Love Music : Okay, How do you manage the time to deal with family and your work?

I try to have a balance my time between all this but the majority of the times music wins the biggest portion of my time

Love Music : Can you please tell us more about Legent records 10 compilation? 

We are celebrating our 10th year anniversary and we would like to make o compilation with new talented and well known producers in order to show to everyone the music legent records represent 

Love Music : Nice, what's your role in this compilation and which one your track included in it ? 

I am the A/R manager in legent records and I was assigned to do the compilation. My target is to choose tracks that represent the music style we release in legent records. Furthermore we would like to give the opportunity in new talented artists to be heard, also I have included one of my tracks in the compilation with totally summer vibe

Love Music : Awesome, Can you please tell us about your upcoming releases? 

My new track called “10 years” will be released through the compilation of legent records. Also I have a new track with mike newman which will be released by whore house records. Furthermore I am working on two new tracks and a new cooperation but I can not reveal more info for the time.

Love Music : Great, Who are your favorite Artists?

Fedde Le Grand

Love Music : What's your personal motto? 

Music is what l am everything else is what l do.

Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I like cars and travels. I like to drive my car and listen music because it clams me down. And I travel in different places in order to see new places and new cultures from different countries and people.

Love Music : Cool, What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years. 

I am preparing 2 new tracks and a cooperation. I also continue in legent record where we expand and we are looking for a new AR manager, if you are interested send us an email. We are preparing a lot of new staffs in legent records so stay synced for more info. Furthermore, till the end of the year we are preparing some new releases  from new and old artists from the label.

Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online?

They can find me in social media or can visit my website on internet.

Official website : https://www.djsakisp.com
Facebook : facebook.com/djsakispofficial
Instagram : instagram.com/djsakisp
Twitter : twitter.com/djsakisp
Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/djsakisp
Mixcloud : www.mixcloud.com/Djsakisp

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Interview with jarradcleofé

Love Music : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music industry and what inspires you to do work as DJ?

​Hello - I'm jarradcleofe, a DJ/Producer out of San Francisco, CA. I got into music mainly because of my father, he plays the guitar, i play the laptop haha.

Love Music : Okay, How do you manage the time to deal with family and your work?

Hmm I think anything in moderation is good, work, hobby and family - it's good to recharge with you family before concentrating on work and hobbies

Love Music : Can you please tell us more about your recent release of mini-album, ‘BE THERE 4 U'?

This is project about inclusion, especially in electronic music. To me, all electronic music is sort of relative, as they’ve all fed off and influenced each other at some point

Love Music : Nice, how would you describe you as a Producer?

Wavey dance music producer

Love Music : Awesome, Can you please tell us about your upcoming releases?

Yes after the dust settles from 'BE THERE 4 U' - i've been playing around w/ starting my own label :D

Love Music : Great, Who are your favorite Artists?

Kaskade, Deadmau5, Pat Lok, Disclosure, Avalon Emerson, Computer Data

Love Music : What's your personal motto?

Don't over think

Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

Watch netflix! haha

Love Music : Cool, What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years.

Mainly focusing on making more club oriented tracks, especially since i've been playing more shows lately

Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online?

Yup so on instagram, soundcloud and twitter: jarradcleofe

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Interview with iLUMiNATiVE

Love Music : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education, music passion etc. ??

Hi I was born and raised in Byron Bay Australia. Even though I was born in Australia my physical ancestry is 100% European. Personally my DNA is a mix of Eastern European: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Northwestern European: German/French, Scandinavian and British/Irish. This doesn't imply that my soul is from all of this ancestry, this is purely bloodline and genetics. To add to this I have come to realisations and findings through past life regressions that my soul has lived as a Native Indian American, Asian, South American, Tibetan and Amazonian.

From a young age I travelled Australia and several other countries for surfing sport tournaments, more often after leaving high school, I pursued that pathway for about 10 years. I got to immerse myself in many different cultures and see a lot of good and not so good places in the world. I learnt a lot about travel and different cultures which helped open my mind to the bigger world.

Once I decided not to pursue the sport any longer, due to lack of finances I furthered my formal education in Business, Massage Therapy Practice/ Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage, Intuitive Spiritual Healing and currently Horticulture.

I had to start a new life from scratch so I started to work as a healer doing Massage Therapy from home and as a mobile service to all areas in my region. I have worked for myself for 6 years and it has given me more freedom and flexibility. I got deeper into the healing work after a spiritual awakening I went through in 2012 onwards.

My passion for music has been a life long journey. At high school I studied music, I enjoyed singing, playing guitar but not the theory side of music. I can't read music but I can learn how to play songs by ear, I am more clairaudient. I got more into rap in my late teens but the first rap I performed on stage was in primary school at the age of 11. Music has always been apart of my life, at school, with family or friends, when travelling or even when studying or working. Music is for life.

Love Music : We have been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention, how does it feel?

The Internet helps with independent marketing of my music and albums. I have had some great reviews of my new album 'Kundalini Rising' but everything is self funded, I don't view it as attention. Gaining coverage costs money, even major artists pay for most of their marketing, also as a tax deduction. What does feel good is reading great reviews, as I never know what to expect. All reviews so far have been unique and I have enjoyed reading different perspectives of my music.

The Internet is making the world seem smaller, although we still live in an enormous world. You learn that when you really get out there and travel it.

Love Music : Can you please tell us the reason behind releasing your independent album 'The Awakening' EP and 'Kundalini Rising' (09/09/2019)?

I wanted to share the information, stories and music with the public. These two albums are connected, there are similar subject matters in both albums. I wanted to release positive productive songs that will resonate with people awakening spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. These projects are my contribution to the world, to help those that are in a similar direction towards the natural world, the soul and the spirit.

Love Music : How's your feeling when your project was featured on mainstream radio..?

In 2017 'The Awakening' was featured on Commercial Hit Radio. I had that goal in mind when doing a radio campaign but I didn't really know what would happen, I just put it out there and went for the best, in Australia we call it 'winging it'. I got the radio campaign results for a couple of months, I could only afford a 2 month campaign.

Like I mentioned earlier in the interview everything is paid for in the music industry, but a presenter or DJ still has to choose your song for a playlist. An artist could pay for a radio campaign and get no Commercial Hit Radio playlist coverage. A lot of major artists have million dollar marketing budgets, one reason they are so heavily played on radio.

Love Music : What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far?

Finishing this new album 'Kundalini Rising', I wanted to do it in 2018 but never got the time, energy or money to really get into it. I don't do music for money, I have done this project for the love of it, the message, the music and to share something important with the people and my people.

It was good to perform 'The Awakening' songs live on stage at a few events because I really believe in that message too.

Love Music : What goal in life do you want to achieve next?

I just want to get this music out to as many people as possible, the right people. I would enjoy performing this new album live in 2019-2020, if I get the opportunity. I am studying Horticulture and Permaculture so I look forward to finishing my studies while growing my own food. I also look forward to being a husband and father in the near future. One of my greatest goals has been achieved, awakening...awakening to my true self then working towards a better future. My success is not based on materials, its my direct line with spirit and to be in service to that. My personal spiritual resolutions have been so fulfilling

Love Music : What motivates you to do your best work as a rapper/singer?

I listen to other rappers and singers that are pushing the level high which motivates me a lot. Not just for my music but for anything, some artists project high energy and are therapeutic too, makes me feel energetic and not alone too. Being healthy and fit motivates me to rap and sing better.

Love Music : Did you choose this industry, as a career, or as a hobby?

Music has always been like a lover, sometimes the lover or a side lover lol. It started as a hobby then shifted into a focus of career, but I think thats where it went off track a bit. So I shifted back to being just a fan of music, that made me just enjoy music again and approaching it as a hobby helped me do a better album this time around.

Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I study healers and spiritual masters on Youtube eg. Bashar, David Icke, Sadhguru, to name a few (I call it conscious study). I study Horticulture and Permaculture while learning to grow my own vegetables, taking care of my garden. I go to the beach to walk, do Yoga and surf. I studied Tantra/Tantric practices for 6 years so I do that too. I listen to other music artists on Youtube. I do the usual house chores that need to be done too lol.

Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online?

Google 'Iluminative', or check me out on https://www.reverbnation.com/ iluminative

My album will be out on the 9th of September 2019 Thanks for reading!

Monday, 8 July 2019

A bubbling superstar, Jalen McMillan (rapper) Bio | Life

Before Fame
He was an honors student and achieved academic excellence throughout his high school career. He went to the same high school with a few other celebrities from Miami including rappers Pouya & Stitches. During his 9th grade talent show Jalen was infamously booed off the stage and shortly after he was seen running home crying. Shortly after high school Jalen uploaded a music video for his song "Like you" which went viral in his local area, getting airplay on radio stations & the Florida Marlins stadium. 

He immediately rose to massive internet fame after his 2014 debut album Genesis became an online hit with teenagers. The album generated over 150 million plays, as well as over 100,000 downloads in the first hour. In 2015, his video for "Until the End" had generated the most views in Vimeo history. His Soundcloud account currently has over 25 million plays for the "Genesis" playlist. 

After announcing a world tour in 2015, Jalen took a hiatus on his music to focus on a real estate career due to low ticket sales. 

On February 22nd 2019 he uploaded "Air Max 95's & "Call My Name" to his Soundcloud, the latter of which instantly went viral. Fans & media we're shocked to hear the "bubblegum pop singer" turn into a rapper. On May 17th 2019 he released the EP "Triple Threat" & he is currently working on his long awaited mixtape "Miami Ten" which is set to release summer 2019. 

Service as a Realtor
During 2015, 19 year old Jalen took a hiatus from music to focus on building a real estate career. He obtained his real estate license, moved to Tallahassee Florida and began his career with Keller Williams. He was shortly promoted to the "North Florida Moves Team" & was personally managed by the #1 realtor in the state John McLaughlin. Jalen continues to hold his real estate license & has a goal of eventually transitioning into the investment side of the business as he builds his music career. 

Family Life
He was born in Peekskill, New York and has three sisters and a brother. He is single but has dated a few instagram models. His younger brother is a state champion for his travel basketball team. 

He was gaining over 100,000 combined followers per day for a time on his social media networks. His 2015 music video for "Until The End" became the most viewed video in Vimeo history. He wrote, produced, mixed & mastered every song on his debut project "Genesis". His music video for "Until The End" was a trending topic on Twitter for over 24 hours the day of release. 

Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Cap

Born Country: United States

Net worth - $200,000

Born In: Peekskill, New York

Famous As: Rapper

Height: 5'9" (165 cm), 5'9" Males

U.S. State: Florida

City: Miami, Florida

Status: Alive 

Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter, Realtor

Eyes: Brown

Single, No kids.

Social links 





Monday, 17 June 2019


In the music industry, having a famous father can present many unique challenges for an up and coming artist. Living up to the reputation of a famous father and following in his footsteps can be quite demanding and difficult to contend with; unless of course you’re TONY VALOR. 

Tony has burst onto the music scene with all the energy of his youth. Armed with his rich family history in the music industry, Tony is making a “name” for himself as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Tony is a native New Yorker now living in Palm Beach, Florida. Being of Sicilian, Chinese and Hispanic descent he has a unique multicultural background. 

He grew up listening to a cornucopia of music styles and was particularly into Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Ink Spots, Benny Goodman, and, of course, Disco and R&B. Of today’s artists, Tony listens the most to Usher, and like Usher, desires to forge a career that straddles the border between Dance, R&B, and Pop. His love for singing began at the age of 3, and his interest in music grew while sitting under the console in his father’s studio as he worked on his music productions. Tony has taken his exposure to music, and love for singing, and developed it into a serious career in music. 

Friday, 7 June 2019

Crystal Sherie - TWENTY

Crystal Sherie is an International Gospel Music Artist & Influencer who was born and raised in the Emerald city of Seattle, WA. Crystal Sherie went from living street life to being converted and given a second chance by finding faith in God and tapping into purpose and destiny. As a result Crystal Sherie lives her life empowering, encouraging, and assisting others to breakthrough into their best life by speaking and relating breakthrough messages in her music.

After 20yrs on and off in the music business, Crystal Sherie’s last project which is a short EP entitled, ‘Beautifully Broken’ has now opened the door for her to know record her new full length LP entitled,’TWENTY’. The TWENTY album celebrates 20yrs of music and showcases some of Crystal Sherie’s best moments. One of the songs that will be released on the new album is, ‘Pray & Push’ When asked what describes her music style her reply was’’God’s Gumbo’. You can learn more about Crystal Sherie by going to www.crystalsherieworldwide.com 


Having graced the stage with local & global Legends she is now on a mission to impact the world in a positive way with a catchy twist to her flow and a classic lyrical delivery.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

My Girl by David Lyric

David Lyric is a multi-talented artist so don't think so he's popular just because he was a good promoter, videographer or famous celebrity photographer, who did photographed for famous celebrities such as Drake, LeBron James and Barack Obama, but he is also famous for done the best 5 singles in the past years, named by Chasin, Meantime, We On, My Girl and View Of The City... All these singles got attention because of the David Lyric's music making style and he's  hits million streams on all his singles on SoundCloud.

Although all the 5 EP singles are best to listen or for share but if you wanna dedicate any song to your finance or your girl friend then you must listen and share david lyric single " My Girl " to her or if you're on the dance floor in a romantic mood then must play this single and do the dance with your girl friend on it... 

Enjoy David Lyric's other singles here:

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Interview with Ryan Allen aka Wlav

Love Music : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music industry and what inspires you to do work as indie-electronic artist? 

Hey there, I’m Wlav, short for White Lines & Versace. Music has always been a dream of mine, I auditioned for The X Factor and America’s Got Talent when I was around 13 so actually making music just felt like a natural course for me. When I turned 18 I saved up, built a home studio, & self-taught myself how to produce. I originally went into my career with intentions of being an eventual major label artist, but as I’ve developed as an artist I’ve realized how much having total control over my vision means to me. 

Love Music : Okay, How do you manage the time to deal with family and your work?

It’s honestly a hard schedule to juggle. I first started making music when I was in school & held a full-time job so I really had to dedicate every bit of free time I got to it. Anytime I had a day off I’d go on a 24 hour production binge & crank out as much music as I could. I have a little bit of more time to dedicate to my music nowadays but I still operate in a pretty similar way. 

Love Music : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

It’s been great! With my last few releases I feel like I’ve finally found my footing as an artist. I still don’t make much money from it but just knowing that more & more people are hearing my music is enough for me. 

Love Music : Can you please tell us more about your 6 track EP ?

Well on July 31 I will be releasing my third major EP, Anxiety & Apathy. I describe it as an autobiography of my mental state this past year. I’ve had some very high moments, and some of my lowest, and this EP captures all of them. Every track off of it represents the feelings I was experiencing at the time I produced it. Also, every track off of it is planned to be on my upcoming album Famous on the Internet as well. The EP is going to serve as the introduction to all of the new art that’s coming your way. I’m excited to put it out there.

Love Music : Fine, everyone knows you release long-anticipated horror EP 1959, but we want to know what were your intentions behind the releasing this EP?

This EP is your first look at the new era of Wlav. A good number of the tracks expected to be on Famous on the Internet were started around March of 2018 so it’s been a project that’s been already over a year in the making. It’s major for me, I feel like I’m starting over as an artist again. I hope Anxiety & Apathy will leave my fans anxiously counting down the days until the full album is released. 

Love Music : Nice, how would you describe you as a own manager? 

Let’s just say if I had any other option I’d fire myself. Haha, seriously though it has perks & downfalls. I have absolute control over everything I put out and I take a lot of pride in the visuals I include with my work. This is exactly who I want to be as an artist. Now when it comes to the business side of management ... I struggle a little. I’ve honestly been looking into options lately for this. Having somebody that could just handle things like the promotion, booking gigs, & all of the legal bullshit that comes with releasing music would be great. But until I find somebody for that I’ll be out here doing my best.

Love Music : Awesome, Can you please tell us about your upcoming releases? 

There are a few separate projects that I have in the works. Anxiety & Apathy, Famous on the Internet, a currently unnamed EP along with a handful of singles, and a side project that I’ll be debuting eventually. The unnamed EP includes some tracks that I’ve been working on recently that have really blown me away. I’ve been playing with a more commercial sounding rock sound & I think I might’ve hit a few successes. Some of the tracks make me go “Did I do that? Did I really make that?” It’s a big change in sound for me and I’m proud of it. As for the side project, I’m not allowed to share many details yet but I can say that I’ll be in a duo with a very talented vocalist. I’ll probably still sing here and there like I do right now but I’ll be the designated producer of the group. I’m saving some of my best music for it. If I ever end up having a hit, that’s where it’s gonna come from.

Love Music : Great, Who are your favorite Artists?

I’ve had so many over the years, but there’s been a solid handful that have always inspired me both as an artist and a person. Madison is a major one for me. She’s a DIY pop icon, I adore her music & how she really does pretty much everything herself. I actually had a planned remix with her at one point for her track Baller that never got released. Hopefully someday we’ll finally be able to put out a work together. Along with her Rebecca & Fiona, Sizzy Rocket, MNDR, Chynna, and St. Vincent have all served as the influences that shaped me into who I am.

Love Music : What's your personal motto? 

I wish I could give something cute and inspiring but I really don’t have a personal motto. I try to live my life carefree and not put too much thought into anything. I don’t think I’d be able to stay sane otherwise.

Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

Well I live in the mountains and I try to make the most of it any time that I can. Driving down the Blue Ridge Highway has led me to some incredible sights that blow my mind every time. Hiking is also major around here & I love it, you get to see a whole bunch of cool shit so it’s an engaging and instantly rewarding way to get some exercise.

Love Music : Cool, What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years. 

It’s hard to say anything for sure but in a general sense my vision is to just grow as an artist. I want to get into live shows soon, it’s an avenue that I have yet to experience. The thought of performing in front of people absolutely terrifies me but I want to be able to get over that fear. I feel like it’d really prove my growth. Also, there will be a pop era eventually. I’m not sure if it’ll be under the Wlav brand or be another side project but it’s going to happen at some point.

Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online?

Search wlavofficial on any platform and you’ll probably find me. Or you can check out my website @ www.wlavofficial.com

If you need a social media link you can use these:

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

308 Ghost Train- The Band for The People Who Miss Real Rock

308 Ghost Train is an up-and-coming rock band, with a difference.  By Catherine Books

While it would be fair to describe 308 Ghost Train as a reincarnation of the best-loved classic rock bands from the late 60s, 70s, and 80s, based on their sound and musical vibe, Anthony Caruso- the singer, frontrunner and head of the band –is an original and refreshing new force on the rock scene, yet still manages to bring the old-school rock voice back to life, and back into fashion. It’s clear to see why some have crowned him the messiah of the new rock world.

Whilst the name ‘308 Ghost Train’ is a pretty unconventional name for a band, it’s certainly fitting- they’re no ordinary band. While the classic rock sound tolls from each and every song the band produces, the songs’ messages are far from that of their rock-era counterparts, which glorified ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Anthony Caruso, and the sound of 308 Ghost Train, are like whisky and wine; they have improved with age. The wisdom and experience which accompanies the process of getting older, of losing your naïve young feathers, and gaininga strong, mature plumage, is intertwined into all of Caruso’s songs on their EP, ‘Born in the Wild’. The result is: a mature, sophisticated, expertly cultivatedEP, in which every song has been immaculately crafted (to perfection, in my opinion).

While the wisdom of age can account for some of the perspective which defines the EP, there is another significant, underlying influence, which serves as Caruso’s inspiration for writing the songs. If you’re an exceptional analyst, you might be able to work it out from the band name.

The ‘Ghost’, referred to in, and sandwiched in the middle of, the band name is the Holy Ghost, and the number 308 refers to a passage in the bible. This passage (John 3:08) describes the Holy Spirit as a force alike the wind, flowing through the world to where it’s most needed. Likewise, the feeling you get from listening to this album, and from the band themselves, is that they want their message-oriented music to flow throughout the world, finding (and helping) the people who need it most.

After winning a POSI Song of the Year award, in the social justice category, Anthony Caruso was inspired to produce this EP. Already an innovator in the music industry, Caruso was intent on creating a whole new genre of rock, which focuses on ensuring that each song has a message which is worth writing a song about, in the hopes that it can help someone, somewhere. Despite this noble aim, when listening to the music you never feel like an agenda, or a message, is being forced on you; Caruso delivers his messages in a subtle, unobtrusive and highly enjoyable way.

Aside from the important messages that 308 Ghost Train propagates, they have an incredible sound. Anthony Caruso’s voice has been compared to that of Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and John Fogerty, and his voice more than lives up to these big names (dare I say that he might have the edge). His voice is pure, husky, rock goodness.

New bands, in particular, often fall victim to the affliction of sounding like amateurs. At the beginning of any band’s career, it can be hard not to- a band usually doesn’t have access to quality recording equipment, or if they can’t use it to a high standard. Not so, with 308 Ghost Train. Already, this band sounds like they’ve been in the game for years, and the result is, frankly, impressive.

The first song on the EP, ’21 Guns and a Million Tears’ is a tribute to veterans all over: a song to let them know that they aren’t alone, first and foremost, since Anthony Caruso is a military vet himself. It’s heart-wrenching, and beautiful and,moulded by his own experiences in the military, these lyrics really pack a punch. Beginning with sounds reminiscent of military memorial music, the emotional lyrics that follow allow the listener to experience a glimpse of the harrowing reality of being a military veteran, whilst providing a sense of belonging and comfort for those who’ve been through the same as him. Consistent with the band’s overall goal, 308 Ghost Train wants this song to reach as many veterans as it can, to give them the comfort and encouragement they need to pursue their dreams, and keep fighting their way through life like Caruso did himself.

Despite having some pretty desolate lyrics, the next song on the EP, ‘Worn’, is ultimately uplifting and empowering, without being overpowering. At the heart of the song is the message: keep going, keep struggling, keep fighting, no matter how much you’ve been through in the past. Striking the right balance between mellow and bold, the song takes you on an emotional and musical journey. At the outset, you could go so far as to describe the song as melancholic- not for long, however. Soon after the singer proclaims of his feet struggling ‘to steady on the ground’, he conveys his feelings of being helped– or, guided –through life ‘in the palm of someone’s hand’. Gradually, and subtly, the song becomes more upbeat, the texture of the instrumentals thickening, and soon (though it’s hard to pin down exactly how the band accomplishes this) you begin to feel as though you can do anything, no matter what you’ve been through prior. More than any other song in the EP, Caruso’s voice is the focal point, with the instrumentals simply providing a foundation for his voice, and for the message. Having said this, his voice doesn’t overpower the song, or become a tyrant over the instrumentals, allowing the various, sweet-sounding guitar parts to be similarly appreciated. In summary, the balance between voice and instrumentals is struck perfectly, each complementing the other in perfect harmony, and allowing the message to shine through.

The third song on the EP– the title track, in fact –is ‘Born in the Wild’, a semi-autobiographical song drawing from frontrunner Anthony Caruso’s childhood, family and roots: a good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll life-story narrative. The overarching vibe that seems to ring out from the song is a sense of freedom; of being connected to the earth, of being connected to nature and to a more natural way of life. It’s also arguably the most personal track on the EP, which helps us listeners connect more, as humans, to the members of the band. When band members reveal personal details relating to themselves in their songs, it helps us listeners to relate to them in a more personal way- plus it helps us toverify that the songs the band playsactually relates to them. In essence, they feel more like truths. Anthony Caruso reveals particulars about his parents’ identities, as well as details of how he was brought into, and brought up, in the world. Aside from the narrative, this song has all the funk-factor you could want from a boogie-woogie rock ‘n’ roll track, and is vaguely reminiscent of T-Rex, particularly in the guitar parts, and each time that arousing chorus rolls around, and the lyric ‘born in the wild’ tolls out of the speaker, it results in aseriously visceral listener experience (trust me- it’s great).

The musicians, aside from singer Anthony Caruso, responsible for the ‘Born in the Wild’ EP are: guitarist, Chip Martin; keyboardist, Dan Defigio; drummer, William Ellis and; bassist Andrew Warren. Each of these men are talented musicians in their own right, but not a (necessarily) permanent fixture of 308 Ghost Train. Anthony Caruso works with different bands to provide music for his audiences, and has even performed solo with recordings. In this way, he is the heart and soul of 308 Ghost Train, and the innovator and creator of its music.

Since Caruso is indisputably the heart of 308 Ghost Train, it seems only right that he should be referenced in the band name. Nicknamed ‘Train’ for his tenacious, relentless personality (particularly when pursuing his goals and dreams), he makes up the last part of the band name. This nickname is perfect for him because Anthony Caruso is just like a train: unstoppable. His determined personality translates to a perfectionism which has resulted in an EP of the highest possible quality (lucky for us!).

‘I’ll Unbreak Your Heart’, the penultimate track on the ‘Born in the Wild’ EP, is exactly the kind of rock love ballad I had hoped it would be. Predictably, the track tells of the speaker’s desire to fix the heart of someone they love (presumably by loving them, and giving them the love and care that they deserve). From the outset- even from those initial few notes- you get the feeling that you’re in for an emotional journey (and boy, are you). The longing, the love, the desire to heal; these overriding themes present themselves throughout the song and, as per usual, Caruso’s husky, golden voice soothes the ears of the listener. However, at 3:08 in (coincidentally), the high note he takes hold of is angelic, and reveals to the listener that Anthony Caruso is far from being a one-trick pony.

The last song on the ‘Born in the Wild’ EP is ‘This Is My Home’. Whilst the true message of this song is fairly well hidden within its enigmatic lyrics, it’s actually intended as a fight song for those battling cancer. Co-written with a young girl, who raises money each year with her lemonade stand, to help fund children’s cancer research (at St Jude’s Hospital), the song at its heart is a war cry against cancer and its invasion of the human body, aka our ‘home’. This cause is incredibly important to Caruso, and 308 Ghost Train hope that, with the gifts that they’ve been given, they can be of some help to those fighting cancer, and hope that someone can use this as their own fight song, making them feel stronger in their fight, and less alone. True to 308 Ghost Train’s style, they use narrative to illustrate their message, and the sound is used as a foundation for that message. This is not a ‘put it on in the background’ type of song: you’re compelled to listen. Caruso is an expert craftsman of imagery- he describes the child at the lemonade stand in such a way that you have to picture it, which makes the song even more impactful when he later tells them to keep on fighting through the illness that has seized them. The imagery, and the narrative, makes the song impossible to ignore. Listening to this song, and other 308 Ghost Train’s songs, is like reading a book, or watching a movie, though more powerful emotionally.

Despite having an enormously different sound, and occupying a completely different genre, Anthony Caruso’s construction of musical narrative reminds me of the masters of lyrical narrative: ABBA. While they aren’t to everyone’s taste, no one can deny their talent, and their ability to tell stories through song- hell, they’ve made two movies almost entirely constructed from the narratives derived from their songs. In the future, I’d go so far as to say that this might also be in store for 308 Ghost Train, if they continue to produce original, top quality, storytelling songs, like those which they’ve included in this EP.

Throughout the EP, the sound 308 Ghost Train has, is of a high, professional quality: the kind of quality that you don’t notice if you only listen to music produced in top recording studios, with the best sound editors and producers. For those of us who are curious enough to give new, and up-and-coming, bands a chance, it’s difficult to find a new band that doesn’t give itself away as ‘amateur’ through some rookie mistake in the recording studio. Though we can paint singer Anthony Caruso as a free spirit, a rock icon, a messiah for people who miss the golden era of rock, it’s evident from his lyrical construction, musical vision and instincts in the recording studio, that Caruso is a perfectionist, if not a genius. It’s becoming evident that he is not just a military veteran, but a veteran of sound. He’s a natural storyteller, making his songs a joy to listen to, and utterly un-ignorable. More than this, they are songs for people who want to sing along; his clear, east-coast voice making a statement with each word he sings, which is great for us sing-a-long-ers because we’ll have no trouble picking up the lyrics (I’ve been singing them all week, personally).

308 Ghost Train, in my mind, have already succeeded in their goal. When their music is playing, it feels like your mind, body and soul are being healed, and you’re enveloped by the feeling that you can (and should) take life by the horns and make the most of it. At the bare minimum, their music puts you in a better mood.

As I say, they’ve already succeeded at making music which makes a difference- now it’s a matter of watching that success grow.

If you want to get stuck straight into 308 Ghost Train’s music, ‘21 Million Guns and a Million Tears’ is out now on Spotify, and available for sale on Itunes.

‘Worn’ is available for pre-order on Itunes from the 4th June.

The release date for the full EP ‘Born in the Wild’ is yet to be confirmed.