Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Interview with the CEO of Mikes Mix & Master - Michael Cushion Jr, aka Mike C

We had the opportunity to interview famous multi talented audio engineer & the CEO of Mikes Mix & Master Michael Cushion Jr to talk about his #1 Online Mixing and Mastering service and his achievements.

Love Music : Please introduce yourself to the readers and Who or what inspired you to get into this profession? 

Hi, I'm Michael Cushion Jr, aka Mike C, the CEO of Mikes Mix & Master

Love Music : We 've been hearing a lot about you & your best Online Mixing & Mastering Services, can you tell us a bit about it ? 

Mikes Mix & Master is the #1 Online Mixing and Mastering service, providing Professional Mixing and Mastering to Major and Indie musicians and record labels in over 100+ Countries worldwide.

Love Music : What kind of training have you had, if any ?

I'm a strong believer in self teaching, there is no better way to learn than by trial and error. It takes making mistakes yourself for you to learn and embed your head, instead of someone simply telling you how to do things. I am proud to say that I’ve practiced audio engineering all of my life and am 100% self trained.

Love Music : What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ?

My biggest achievements have been getting to work with my favorite major artists, its sometimes still unreal!

Love Music : At what point did you decided to choose this industry ?

I chose this industry as a career, with my mother being a DJ and father playing in a band growing up, Its all I know and it was destined for me to make a living in the music industry.

Love Music : For someone who wants to be a professional Mixing & Mastering Artist, what advice would you give?


Mixing and Mastering isn’t something that can be learned overnight. It takes years of practice to obtain the skills needed and to train your ears. If its something you want to do, you must learn to be patient and accept failure, the only way to get better is from your mistakes. Work hard and never give up.

Love Music : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?

I want to be able to continue to help artists succeed in the music industry for the rest of my life. The world runs on music and the artists are the ones providing the fuel.

Love Music : Who are your musical inspirations?


I'm inspired by any musician who has made an good impact the world. For one person to use their talents to change the world for good is a huge inspiration. There are too many people to name but I’m sure we all know!

Love Music : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you?

You can visit me online at www.MikesMixMaster.com which is my website. On social media you can follow me for updates on Instagram at www.instagram.com/mikesmixmaster and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/MikesMixAndMaster


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