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Interview with åMBe - A Multi Talented Artist

Love Music recently interviewed the famous Artist & Producer åMBe, who has been blessed with gifts of love, music, and motivation. As a Multi Talented Artist, she has been able to touch and gain thousands of fans from all around the world.

Check out the interview :

Love  Music : Let’s talk a bit about you being such a multi talented artist ?

åMBe :

Well, I started to learn the violin when i was 4 years old, and simultaneously I started playing the piano as my second instrument. But I always wanted to sing and compose my own music and songs - no wonder, since my mom used to sing professionally and my father was a classical pianist and composer. So, i guess i'm simply very lucky with my heredity and with my parents kicking my ass when I was too lazy to practice scales))

Love Music : How did you meet Avant-Electro producer Brian Forbes and how did you start working together?

åMBe :

I was introduced to him by our mutual friend, and we started to work together basically right away. "Of Your Crimes" was the first song that just came out of us during our very first improvisation session. Obviously we've spent many hours finding the right sound, producing and polishing it. I recorded all the violins and violas - there were about 80 string tracks- in my basement. And then Brian did a lot of electronic wizardry and drums that really blew my mind. Our team-work felt very natural. We both are leaders so we tend to argue in the studio a lot, "smile" but it always comes out for the very best, in service of the music that we are working on.

Love Music : Please tell our readers about your new upcoming album  “ åMBe- "Enemy of the People"?

 åMBe :

There are going to be 8 tracks on the album. We will release them single by single, along with the music videos for the songs.
We've been purely and completely creative working on this album. The main goal for me here was to be the most ME that is possible. My most artistic and musical self that  I have ever been before. I love this album with all my heart. And it has nothing to do with it being mine. I am just simply happy that it's my baby.

Love Music : Obviously, your music is a complex mix of different music styles. What was the inspiration for this particular sound you've gotten there?

åMBe :

Well, I was not specifically thinking about putting together any different musical styles. I was not doing any mathematics. As I said, the main thing I've been doing my best to achieve, is to be my most true musical and poetic self. I wanted to deliver the sound of my inner universe as accurately as I could. You can’t truly create anything new without at least referencing the old. New colors are just new shades and tones that we get from mixing existing colors. Like in the case of “enemy of the people”, i would say there is mostly the mix of pop and electronic, with some touch of classical strings and piano.

Love Music : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

åMBe :

I have never thought about a specific place... I am not sure that for me it's about a place. I care about being able to do my music and express my thoughts and feelings in my own music language. And if there are people interested to listen to it, if it resonates with them and makes somebody happy.. - that is what is the most important to me.

Love Music : How did you get to know Grammy winning composer and pianist Fernando Otero?

åMBe :

I was actually performing at Cafe Vivaldi in New York, just a week after I came here to America. And Fernando was there for his friend’s performance. As he told me later, he was actually running to catch a flight to Buenos Aires that night. The only reason he decided to stay a little longer after his friend finished playing was curiosity. Quoting his words: "I picked up your flyer among others that were laying there on the table, it had a picture of a young beautiful girl saying:  "singer, songwriter, composer, poet, pianist, violinist..." I was simply curious to see that monster. And then when you, that "terrible monster", sat down at the piano and started to play and sing... Then I stayed so long that I was almost late for my flight." That's what he told me in the letter he wrote me a week later, making an offer for us to collaborate by working on some music.  

Love Music : Last year you record an album with Fernando that got nominated for a Grammy in modern classical music?

åMBe :

Yes, I was a featured soloist on 4 songs on the album. It is  the greatest pleasure to work with Fernando and to sing and play his music. Every single time we get together, We have a lot of fun and we eat a lot of Pad Thai. It is now our ritual every time we are working in the studio.

Love Music : : How can people find you and follow you online?

åMBe :

You can find me @ambemusic 

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