Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber full name is Justin Drew Bieber. He was born on 1st of March in 1994 in London, Ontario. He was raised in Stratford, Ontario. Bieber is a famous canadian singer and songwriter. He was famous from his best ever song "Baby"

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen has been an established artist in Canada for several years — with a third-place finish on Canadian Idol, two gold singles, two albums, and two Juno Award nominations to her name — Jepsen was a virtual unknown in the U.S. when “Call Me Maybe” hit it big.

The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye is a Toronto-based singer famous by named " The Weeknd " . He recorded his all songs under " The Weeknd " name , his first song leaked in late 2010, though the identity of the individual behind the project was initially unknown. " The Weeknd " released a nine-song mixtape, House of Balloons, on 21 March 2011

Addy C

Adelynn Cuevas, or Addy C as she is known, is an 8 year old Latina from metro Atlanta, Ga. Addy loves to sing, dance , and play piano...

Céline Schmink

Celine Schmink is a french singer and also writer, journalist and Associate songwriter of SACEM. She writes in french and english in a pop folk style. Her musical work is regularly praised by the regional and national press and broadcast in France, Greece, Australia and the USA, where she leads a bilingual performing career.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Can masked hard rockers, Field of Giants overcome ‘Sophomore Slump’ with second album, In Arcadia?

Oxford-based, masked hard rockers, Field of Giants prepare for the release of their second independent album, In Arcadia, set for release in June 2017.

After a string of local shows to test their new material, the band, described as the love child of Tool and Incubus, have put the finishing touches to their new 9 track (56-minute) album. The follow-up from their independently released debut album ‘We Are’, In Arcadia promises to build upon Field of Giants’ distinctive sound of “Dense atmospheric, hard hitting rock!”.

The impressive 56-minute runtime is a testament to the band’s continued exploration into their, now characteristic, cinematic sound; layering heavy guitars, impactful drums, and soaring vocals to create an expansive sonic experience. “But don’t take our word for it” says the band, encouraging listeners to redefine what they expect from a modern hard rock album.


In Arcadia, comes after the successful independent release of the band’s first album, ‘We Are’, in 2015. Field of Giants’ debut was received well by both critics and fans, with the single ‘Let Go’ being voted as listeners’ choice on a number of rock radio stations. Critics described the debut release as an “honest and consistent”, “wholly impressive and powerful” and “ a total breath of fresh air”, leaving some to ask whether the hard rock quartet do it again with In Arcadia, or if they will succumb to the ‘Sophomore Slump’ fated to many young bands.
Last month, along with two new live sessions at Studio Focus Recordings, Field of Giants released their first video for the upcoming album. The official music video for the track ‘White Water’ was released on the band’s YouTube and Facebook pages, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect in June. A 10-minute teaser for In Arcadia has been sent out to reviewers, and with videos, live sessions, gigs and even more planned for the coming months, only time will tell if Field of Giants (www.fieldofgiants.com) can beat the ‘Sophomore Slump’.






Monday, 17 April 2017

Friends In Paris – When Your Heart Is A Stranger

Out now via Epic Amsterdam is ‘When Your Heart Is A Stranger,’ the stunning new single from Friends In Paris. The duo, which consists of Kris Buckle and Jeroen De Pessemier are currently based on opposite sides of the world, but their sounds are stronger than ever right now. With previous tracks (‘Waiting’, ‘Be Right’ and ‘Solid’) causing a real stir and amassing the pair a legion of fans, ‘When Your Heart Is A Stranger’ is set to catapult them further into the spotlight. Recorded across Europe and Australia last year, the single is the first to come from their debut EP ‘Heart’, which is scheduled to land in the summer. This emotive track is a soul-searching slice of electronica that moves with a powerful, languid sway. Coupling warm, drawn-out washes of vocals with softly pattering riffs and slow-burning piano chords, ‘When Your Heart Is A Stranger’ invites you into the creative minds of Friends In Paris – an act who have much more to give over the coming months. 

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Interview with Prince Taylor

Prince Taylor is a Zimbabwean artist and video director/producer, currently based in Austria. Prince Taylor set out to develop a unique blend of hip-hop and trap, with a modern twist and a new school vibe. His sound is all about connecting with listeners via great melodies, lots of energy and more importantly, thought-provoking lyrics that feel honest and direct. Prince Taylor is currently a part of T.O.A.O. (The One and Only), a rap crew with a unique approach!

Love Music : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background ??

I'm a 19 year old artist & video director born in Zimbabwe. Based in Austria right now.


Love Music : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

It always feels good to get love and appreciation for things that you do and i hope i can inspire a lot of people through my music and my vision. I appreciate everyone who is part of this movement.


Love Music : Please tell us about your upcoming " Ep " ?

It is my first Ep and i wandet to do something different and actually thats the name of the first song of this Ep "Different". Every song in it is different from the other with other influences.


Love Music : What motivates you to do your best work as a video director/producer?

Its the vision i get when i read the script or hear the song before shooting the video thats motivates me. Some videos are quite a challenge and i like challenges for me it is always motivating when i can give my best.


Love Music : Who are your musical inspirations?

A lot of it comes from Kanye west, 50 cent and Eminem


Love Music : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional artist ?

The only advise i can give is just do it and don't let anyone tell you what you can't do because there will be a lot of people trying to bring you down. You should only focus on your fans those who care instead of wasting time for those who don't deserve it. And remember consistency is the key and everybody starts somewhere.


Love Music : What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years.

I have a lot planned this year some collaborations with some talented musicians and another EP but thats not all other projects are top secret for right now.


Love Music : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

I never thought about that but i always wanted to go to New York so i guess that would be it.


Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I do a lot of meditation or go out with friends.


Love Music : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you ?

Almost everywhere for Facebook its princetaylor and instagram theprincetaylor


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Ghosts of the Spaceship: One on One Interview with Patrick Coleman of The Parlor Snakes By Danny Fifield

I’m talking with Patrick Coleman, the lead singer for the rock group The Parlor Snakes, who are getting to be known for their seminal glam rock/blues sound and appearance on stage. I was able to listen to some new songs from the upcoming album as well as their first album and look at some pictures. About to embark on their 2017 Stepping Off The Spaceship Tour this spring in Central America, I had the opportunity to ask a few questions.


Patrick Coleman :    Thank you.

Why begin in Mexico?

Patrick Coleman :    A couple reasons. John Has-Ellison picked up many connections there and the big cities there have a large underground group of hip people who love cutting edge art and music. They have really responded to us in a beautiful way. And we love them.

John is the lead guitarist?

Patrick Coleman :    And co-founder, co-songwriter.

Where does the name Parlor Snakes come from?

Patrick Coleman :    John got the idea from an old movie called The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. This ghost that haunts a very old mansion feels protective of a woman living there alone who has suitors coming to call. And this makes the ghost very indignant, telling Mrs. Muir they are nothing but opportunistic parlor snakes. An excellent movie and an excellent group name.

Tell me about your stage performance.

Patrick Coleman :    We listened to a lot of 70’s English glam artists, so I suppose our stage performance is like Ziggy and the Spiders From Mars, Mott The Hoople, and others. But also, importantly, The Stooges, who were not really glam, but American rock and roll.


Patrick Coleman :    Yes, quite. More than anything else, really. They represent an intense freedom and at the same time, art. Drama. A loose dramatic art.

Your style has changed from the last Parlor Snakes album. What’s going on?

Patrick Coleman :    We had the stylings of the deep American rockabilly South in our sound then. Johnny Cash, Charlie Feathers, Gun Club, Beasts of Bourbon… They were all songs I had recorded long ago as a demo under the name Buffalo Jack, and John talked me into re-recording them with a crack group of musicians, some stars on their own. Jim Duckworth from Gun Club played lead guitar and Bobby Black from Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen sat in on pedal steel. It was, I suppose, a sort of experiment, though a very loud one. I was crawling out of an artistic grave. So, the album became Buffalo Jack and The Parlor Snakes.

Were you not happy with it?

Patrick Coleman :    Did we purposely change? Yes. We knew all along that we would. We are still very American, but this new change lends itself to art. And yet some things haven’t changed. I was very happy with it and I still am. I simply capture where I am in the moment, like a camera. I tell you what I see and how I feel. My mother was the painter. I am just a different kind of artist.

Are you the male version of Lady Gaga?

Patrick Coleman :    That’s a weird comparison. (Pause)… Flashy? I’m more provocative. Different type of music. I don’t need dancers, really. (Laughs) The thing is that I like the magic, doing something more than standing on stage and telling a story. In that sense I am like her, though she’s pop. We make rock and roll a spectacle again.

How are you different?

Patrick Coleman :    Rock and roll. I don’t care for that diva thing. It’s more pretentious than the old bloated rock stars. Boring too. Although, Lady Gaga said that if she could, she would perform completely nude on stage. In that case, I would go see her.

Is your audience getting it?

Patrick Coleman :    Are they? (Pause to take a puff)…  I don’t know. Stars are made in the minds of the individuals. The “halo effect.” They see a picture of me and hear the music. They don’t want to know what I had for breakfast, do they?

What is art then?

Patrick Coleman :    Art is a representation. A vehicle to take a person somewhere. And people want to go somewhere. If they like where we take them, then they will come to see us. But in the end, the artist has to make what lives within him, what he cares about, what he likes. Pop stars make what people have already liked elsewhere in order to make money. And that is all.

You wear makeup and interesting clothes on stage. Are you a cross dresser?

Patrick Coleman :    (Long pause, putting out cigarette)… Am I?

You tell me.

Patrick Coleman :    It sounds like you’ve decided that…No, I’m not. It’s rock and roll. That question is garbage.

Sorry. Um, what are you trying to do?

Patrick Coleman :    Have an exciting show. I don’t like boring shows. I like the energy, magic, and artistic drama in a show. It takes you somewhere else. Somewhere foreign, another world. It was the religious priests from a thousand years ago that lead the people in the dance and instructed them as to what to wear in order to transport them spiritually and mentally.

Is that you?

Patrick Coleman :    It’s only rock and roll.

Tell me about your past groups.

Patrick Coleman :    (Laughs) There were quite a few. There are recordings of each one …somewhere. But the more notable groups were The Netherworld, John was in that one with me, and then The Ivy Lines. They were signed to Venture Beyond Records, which is a goth label we were thrown off of, and we were never goth, funny enough. We were mentioned in Mick Mercer’s Goth Bible.  And also Massive Star Records, defunct now, respectively. All of those recordings are now under the control of present label Cole-Has Records, LLC.

The Netherworld wasn’t goth?

Patrick Coleman :    No. Art for art’s sake.  And The Ivy Lines was rock and roll. I also do time in PC and the Angels of Death. I like writing.

Can you tell me how you write songs?

Patrick Coleman :    Well… sometimes I hear parts of songs in my head during the day, like a mashup-up, and I just keep thinking of them. After a while they just seem to turn themselves into songs. Other times I dream them in disjointed parts and if I like them, I work them out. But nothing beats taking a riff or other part to the group and just jamming it out into something.

Craziest group moment in the past.

Patrick Coleman :    Years ago The Netherworld played one night at the Blue Lamp in San Francisco. A strange cabaret looking club with red velvet on the walls and ceiling and large, hanging chandeliers. We were headlining, so we saw all of these arty acts get on the stage singing, reciting poetry, acting out something, each one heckled by the crowd loudly. But I guess this sort of thing went down every night, but we didn’t know it. So we were ready for it. The girls with us wouldn’t even come inside for fear, so they stayed out looking through the window. We got on, turned up until our guitars were feeding back. And the wild and drunken crowd harassed us immediately.(Laughs) Even the girl behind the bar was letting me have it! So between songs, I gave it right back to her over the microphone. The guys in the band were really scared and we braced ourselves for them to run up on the stage at us. In the end, there was no fight. They actually loved us!

Philosophy? College? I see this on your Facebook.

Patrick Coleman :    Yeah, I graduated from CSU Stanislaus, Chapman Private University, and University of San Diego. All Cum Laud. I was going to get my doctorate and teach philosophy at a university somewhere.



Do you believe in a God, since you studied philosophy?

Patrick Coleman :    I studied intentionality at the university and I’m interested in the breakthroughs in quantum physics, showing that all matter can be reduced down to energy waves. That’s smaller than the atom. That means that all things in the universe are simply made up of energy, which can never die. Including people. Things only break down but the energy lives on somewhere else. Light/energy waves can be thought-manipulated, as shown and proven in the famous Slit Experiment. Couple that with the theory of Intelligent Design that has gained the most ground, since it is very unlikely that chaos theory can ever exist. Everything in the universe is too organized. Not to mention perfectly mathematical. So, the short answer is yes, I do believe in God. And I don’t care what anyone thinks of that. (Laughs)

Well thank you very much for talking with me. It’s been a pleasure.

Patrick Coleman :    Thank you. Me too.

And good luck on the Parlor Snakes tour next month. Where will you begin?

Patrick Coleman :    We will kick off in Monterrey, Mexico for two nights April 14 and 15 at the massive Club Iguana. I hope to see everyone there.
Excellent! Have a great show!


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Interview with IgnoVa

Love Music : Let’s talk a bit about you & your music and what is the secret behind your success ?

I preach K E E P positiveSpirit and #soFocused …without these tools its simple to get overwhelmed to a point of losing interest and quitting… Ultimately one must keep their eyes on the prize… Understanding there is light at the end of the tunnel will yield success. You got to put yourself out there and understand you don’t start by playing at Coachella lol.

Love Music : What are you working on now ?

Vids, producing beats, rapping daily… Tons of that new otw. My current single Right Now is slowly but surely taking off. Thank God. Amen.

Love Music : Please tell us more about your latest mixtape, "Ev'rythang Much Understood 2” (E.M.U 2)"? 

E.M.U 2 comes from being capable of rapping, but not having the finances to have your own beats. I showcase my ability to spit while using popular beats to show and prove im on a mission to be heard and adored.

Love Music : What motivates you to do your best work as a hip hop artist ?

Wanting more in life. Seeing and comprehending life ain't no crystal stair; Hip hop is going to open other doors, so I must be at my best. The struggle is real; being able to make dope music allows me to bear the burden.

Love Music : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

My dad is Nigerian, I’d love to turn up in the heart of Lagos… Also being out there would be an ideal history lesson. Wanting to learn is simply essential in my eyes.

Love Music : Who are your musical inspirations ?

I’m a young growing man so first and foremost 50 cent. Even though he is a gangster rapper and I'm not he still inspired and inspires me to go after whatever I want to do. His book from Pieces to Weight played a pivotal role in becoming the man I am today. From the new school, I got to ride with Big Sean. He’s king swag to me.

Love Music :At what point you decide to become an musician ?

I always dip and dabbed in rapping for the fun of competition. But the defining moment was when I saw Mac and Wiz play at Lehigh. I chatted with Wiz for a hot minute and that pretty much sealed the mission.

Love Music: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician?

K E E P positiveSpirit. There are going to be a ton of bumps and hurdles. Shit, there still are. But with positivity you can most definitely do it!

Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time ?

Horror movie fanatic !!! Many heads that know me know me say Iggy most of them suckkkk, I'm still all in lol.

Love Music : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you ?

Yep. Best way is through twitter; @dreamsatwrk is the handle. Like and follow Fb.com/therealignova. One can also catch a few videos on youtube.com/therealignova.  Plenty times many otw!!!


Saturday, 1 April 2017

Listen and Enjoy : Gimme a Call by Steve Cantrell

Up and coming artist, STEVE CANTRELL, releases new music including his stand out track "Gimme a Call". Cantrell gives us new visuals from the track that are anything short of captivating.

The song "Give Me A Call" is a visual representation of distance between two lovers. The story stems from Cantrell and his own love interests that are never featured in the same frame representing something so close, yet so far away.

Cantrell comes to us with a new and soulful sound that you won't want to ignore.

Listen and Enjoy!! 

Directed & Edited by: Bloo Woods

Picking Up single:


Long Time: 


Filatov & Karas – ‘Time Won’t Wait’

Next up from Russian duo Filatov&Karas is their brand new synth-led single ‘Time Won’t Wait.’ Getting a release through Ultra Music, this tune packs in plenty of distinctive vibes with its richly melodic themes. Be sure to check this groovy tune out and enjoy!

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