Wednesday, 27 November 2019

The 6ix is next up

TODAY’s interview is with Elijah sommerz an upcoming Rapper and modern day Talent Manager from Toronto who has built a reputation for being noted to be an young sharp organized manager that has versatility to collaborate with other brands globally.

We believe that Elijah sommerz has the fuel needed to grow the upcoming management imprint label coming from Toronto, ca he’s has been growing underground low-key within the Toronto region for some time now.
Elijah sommerz is a passionate talent manger that has a unique ear to newer urban trends of music as he express’s to us that he’s feels his purpose is to help elevate the evolving hip - hop scene out of north America particularly Toronto ,United Kingdom and other urban cities across North America .

Career Aspirations
Elijah sommerz overall is networking guru and Technology guru who is Employed as a Full Time Entrepreneur and is also an active talent manager he’s also an aspiring rapper form Toronto Ontario Canada .
Elijah sommerz has been working with a few acts from his home town of Toronto, ont such as Rokstarr Hollywood who has been featured on numb ours soundtracks with other local artists to date.

Other Entrepreneurial Ventures
ROBERT Vernon also known as Elijah sommerz is the head Talent Director of J stone management group & co since 2016 –present he is also the co-founder of

The platform is founded to be a music distribution platform that is scheduled to be launched late Fall 2020 to such is, an umbrella company to his portfolio of businesses owned independently by MR Robert Vernon - Elijah sommerz .
Vernon - Elijah sommerz is currently the vice chair-man of an online streaming corporation Called Worldwide Entertainment TV ( WWETV – is a global media platform that works with major and underground artists in North America to help them further elevate there promotion and marketing for their personal brands , to such it Has recently been reformed to a streaming platform that is currently endorsed by Apple TV Since 2017 .

We hope to hear more form Elijah sommerz and his team over at jsmg the label In the near future.

To learn more about their upcoming projects please feel free to visit their website and also pay them a visit on social media this concludes our segment today.

Edited by Mauricio dasilva
For more information visit or on social media @jsmg the label

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