Tuesday 22 November 2016

Noemi Smorra - This Song

How easily we judge someone we don’t even know?

How easily we judge someone we don’t even know? That’s the main topic of “This song” music video with Noemi Smorra. Shot in Berlin by multi-awarded filmmaker Livia Alcalde, it explores a day in the lives of Raphael and Frederica. Their condition is not revealed until half of the video, showing to the spectators how fast are our prejudices and judgments. Raphael and Frederica finally enjoy a typical Berlin house party together with beautiful, multicultural Berlin people. There is no such a thing as being “different”: we are all humans, perfect in our imperfections.  


The single This Song (Marta Venturini, Valerio Errico, Kathleen Hagen for Warner Chappell, Maqueta Records and Limited Music Trade) is the last excerpt from the EP Trasparente by Noemi Smorra, known for the single Golden Leaves in a duet with the Russian popstar Lena Katina (ex t.A.T.u.) with whom she has performed several times in Europe. 


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