Thursday, 17 November 2016

Sweet Eve and Nick Menza

The heavy metal world was in shock when former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza passed away suddenly while preforming in Studio City this past May. Since his death the metal community has been treated to an auction for the late drummer’s visual art. He was also a skilled craftsman who made his own instruments. Nick’s passing meant the possibility of a Rust in Peace reunion has now passed. Before Nick died he had begun working on a project with a rock band from Los Angeles. Sweet Eve was recording their second album “The Immortal Machine” with Menza not only producing but playing drums as well. After Menza’s death Sweet Eve reunited with former members of the band and the group wrote, rehearsed and recorded the rest of the album with producer Tom Weir. Instead of touching up the tracks that Menza recorded Sweet Eve opted to keep them in the form that Menza left them in. The album “The Immortal Machine” is available now for pre-sale on iTunes and Amazon and it will be available everywhere December 9.


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