Saturday, 13 August 2016

Interview with Viper - A Emerging Artist Musician/Songwriter, Vocalist & Artist..

Love Music recently interviewed a multi talented  musician Hillary Shumba known as Viper, who is also songwriter, vocalist, artist and performer, who has dedicated his life to sharing the message of hope, peace,

Check out the interview :


Love Music :  Let’s talk a bit about your work and what is the secret behind your success ?

Viper :

I am a reggae / dancehall artiste based in Zimbabwe. I have been in this line for a while now. My strength is a singer voice that is complimented by harmonious reggae flow. Basically my success can be linked with the persistence and hard work I put myself through to achieve any given goal.

Love Music :  What are you working on now?

Viper :

 I am working on four single tracks to be released individually. This precedes an album before The end of the year.

Love Music :  If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

Viper :

 Australia, Jamaica

Love Music :  What's your fav. Song?

Viper :

 My favorite if One love by Bob Marley.. All time fav.

Love Music :  Who are your musical inspirations?

Viper :

Internationally, its the voice of Gregory Isaacs, Morgan Heritage, Sanchez, Singing Melody, TOK and Bob Marley.
    Most reggae artiste with singer voices speak to my heart
    Back Home I love Oliver Mtukudzi. 

Love Music :  What hidden talents do you have?

Viper :

I am a good soccer player. I could have pursued that given a good environment

Love Music :  Where would you most like to perform?

Viper :

I love to perform in different places. Depending with the type of audience. An indoor stage performance is great though 

Love Music :  Do you set goals for yourself and how do you do that?

Viper :

I do. I have different types of goals depending on time frame. Long term goals I work a bit by a bit to attain and they require less thrust and hard work.. When it come to short term goals if it means no sleep, that I will do.

Love Music :  What motivates you to do your best work as a musician ?

Viper :

The hope of a brighter tomorrow. With harder work and dedication a brighter tomorrow lies ahead. So I am motivated to work harder to rip better.

Love Music :  Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician as a career?

Viper :

Stay focused and true. Do not fear to explore new avenues because we are living in a transforming world.

Love Music :  How can people find you and follow you online?

Viper :

         email :
         Twitter :       @Viperhere411

         Facebook :                
        Soundcloud :    Viper Here

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