Friday 16 June 2017

Inspiring & Lovely Songs by Blow Flyy - Canadian Artist

Blow Flyy's sound is a very hip hop and takes us back to the time of 'real rap music that was known for its poetic lyrics and its unique ability to pass a message. The era of Tupac, for instance. This Canadian hip hop artist has a poetry based on themes of inspiration, love, and happiness and also he has using more creative language in his lyrics and keeping it clean so that he can reach all ages without any barrier or restrictions.

Blow Flyy said : "What I find most rewarding about being an artist is that I get to express my feelings in a way people all over the world can relate to and find their happiness. " He added. " The most challenging part about being an artist is getting the right people around you that believe in your vision and help you work towards that so everyone can be successful. This along with working on a very limited budget is challenging. As it is, I also work a 9 to 5 job to support my family and my music."

First time, when I was listening to Blow flyy songs then I would listen them again and again. And now I 've created playlist of all Blow flyy songs for repeat listening, because all of these songs are too much inspiring , lovely and full of joy & happiness...I bet that when you listen these songs you must be feel that these songs make refreshing your mind.
Some of Blow Flyy songs I listed below, must listen them :

If you want to listen a song in a hip hop tone then must listen this great song 'THE STARZ,'  as the backup vocals added a great sound, a lot which makes it something you can break-dance too..I really love its tone.. "MORE PRESSURE" is also an amazing song, I think Blow Flyy created this song from his rap, R&B, and pop music writing skills, because this song is pretty much explains the composition of these three genres all in one piece!

The lyrics of ROAD WARRIOR are inspiring as the sentiments passed across were skillfully expressed. When the song pass by and you are always left wanting to go back and listen to it again and again. No matter how many times or where you press play, it’s always an engaging and smooth drive through some faded memory you’re not even sure it belongs to you.

STRIVE is another masterpiece of Blow Flyy. When I listened this song, I want to feel the peacefulness that can only be perceived while listening to this kind of dreamy chords.

Blow Flyy song, PAPARAZZI is a fantastic song I really love this song because its so simple, yet so detailed and powerful. Without rush. Soft, minimalistic and brilliant at the same time. Open to your own interpretation and feelings. Dreamy, ethereal, and patient.

It’s remarkable how Blow Flyy songs can make you forget all context and make you focus merely on the feeling of just being able to listen to them, no matter where you are or how you’re feeling. They adapt to you and vice versa. And this is what makes these songs truly beautiful. The textures. The atmosphere. Don't miss the chance to listen all the songs by Blow Flyy.

Just hit any of the following links to Stream and/or download any one of his songs :


This is music that can be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals. Keep an eye on his future. Grab a copy of the album, Its Like I Got A Set Of Wings – Amazon | iTunes.


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