Monday, 6 November 2017

Ladi Anne – Villas – AMemento for many more lives

We had the pleasure to review a new music video by an artist who’s truly making history. We are talking about the very unique Ladi Anne, who once again blew us away with her spectacle of talents.

A piece of moving art – a collaboration of music and dance to bring out the august love of a father on a precious daughter – dedicated to bloom hundreds of souls of little girls in Rwanda.

Ladi Anne, as usual swipes her brazilian soul over the piano, calling painful hearts to rest in her spirit. Innocence of a youth thrown to accept the reality, harshness, and self indulgence in pain, flows through the video, teaming with the rhythmic movements of Marion Crampe, the world renowned dancer. She gives her consoling note right into the eclectic heart to call out the deepest spirits within a soul.

Pouring her soul into the audience, Ladi introduces at the beginning the heart break of a teen. Stepping to the rhythm of her heart, Marion moves into the scene just like her soul drifting around her. Every movement complimenting the melody, sprouts feelings beneath a young heart yearning for a father’s love. Same as the hearts of street children in Rwanda receives a father’s love through MindLeaps – a non-profit organization.

The feeling of a farther’s love, the joy of his presence beautifully brought into the scene at the end. The same happiness will be enjoyed by a forgotten group of children in a society through their contribution to crate that love.

Villas is one of the most clever and unique music videos we’ve seen in 2017. Blooming in its mysterious desaturated colors contrasting the angelic music played by Ladi, Villas has truly conquered our hearts.


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