Thursday, 6 June 2019

My Girl by David Lyric

David Lyric is a multi-talented artist so don't think so he's popular just because he was a good promoter, videographer or famous celebrity photographer, who did photographed for famous celebrities such as Drake, LeBron James and Barack Obama, but he is also famous for done the best 5 singles in the past years, named by Chasin, Meantime, We On, My Girl and View Of The City... All these singles got attention because of the David Lyric's music making style and he's  hits million streams on all his singles on SoundCloud.

Although all the 5 EP singles are best to listen or for share but if you wanna dedicate any song to your finance or your girl friend then you must listen and share david lyric single " My Girl " to her or if you're on the dance floor in a romantic mood then must play this single and do the dance with your girl friend on it... 

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