Monday, 7 January 2019

Breathe - Masterpiece of Music Video & Visuals of the Memorable Scenes

Written by Yovanni Medel
Produced by Nik Chinboukas

When I hear this song I feel internal bliss in my soul. Through this vidoe song, singer and songwriter Yovanni give us a strong message beautifully performed with the dynamics of his vocals and haunting lyrics. "Breathe and blow them all away, like yesterday..." sets the dramatic tone with electronic rock rhythms that compose this masterpiece of a music video. 

I can't even count how many time I've watched this video but Every time I do..I feel more love towards this song..What a fantastic black and white film noir style.. Hats off for Yovanni Medel and his team for all the effort they did for making this video and presents the actual daily battles of depression and religious afflictions that we all deal with in life and also includes in it the depictions of suicide, homelessness, the church and the faith that everything will be ok in the end if we hold on to faith. I think the success behind writing of this masterpiece is that, Yovanni has dealing with his own personal struggles with the ups and downs of life so he has managed to resurface and take center stage with a powerful and memorable song that we can all relate to in our own personal life journey.

The voices of the flawless vocals are incredibly smooth, like the music too! And the electronic rock elements with a melancholy vibe, sets a beautiful score with stunning breathtaking manner to the visuals of the memorable scenes that compose this production. Yovanni has an amazing talent and voice. You can sense his soul in his voice, every time I hear this song I realize that Faith is the best any other things in the world...And as 'Breathe' touched my soul and heart I know its also touches your's as well when you listen this song, in any different ways but it'll...The purpose behind witting this song is just want to convey a positive message of hope that "Yesterday was nothing but a cloud." the affirmation that everything will be ok and in the end the sun will shine again and a new day is reborn, if we hold on to faith.

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