Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Base Dragon - Indepent artist spreading good vibes


Base Dragon is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Base Dragon started rapping while still in 10th grade and never looked back. Today, he makes music that is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and thought-provoking lyricals. His energetic rhymes remind of influential performers such as Lupe Fiasco, Big L, Eminem or Childish Gambino, just to mention a few.

Don’t miss out on his most recent releases, such as The Dragon Tape, a new mixtape he releases with the label he formed with producer Yunoho, named “The Good Vibes”

Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story


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