Monday, 28 May 2018

Interview with Revilution - A stylistically unique Rock & Roll Band

Love Music : How and When did Revilution begin?

REVILUTION officially started in October of 2011. The concept and name of the band had actually come to me a few months prior out of frustration at my inability to get accepted into bands I had been auditioning for. I had also begun working on new songs, and needed a way to record them. Upon hearing of this,Marie bought a 16-track digital recorder, and REVILUTION was born.

Love Music : Have you worked with someone inspirational in your music career? and who do you get the most inspiration from?

Thanks to Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp, I've had the fortune to meet and work with quite a few artists that inspired me, including Gene Simmons, Sebastian Bach, Kane Roberts, and Kip Winger. There are also a few local musicians that I'm good friends with, such as Matthew Montoya (Radium), and watching them stick with it and continue moving ahead despite the brutality of this industry continues to give me hope for my future in it. But I probably get the most inspiration from Phil Soussan, formerly of Ozzy Osbourne and Vince Neil's solo band, and current bassist for Last In Line. He's ridden the highs and lows of the industry, performing and recording with one of the biggest acts in the world during the metal heyday of the '80s (and being self-confident enough to leave it before he could get hosed by the management of the same act). I've seen him perform in small restaurants in Sherman Oaks as well as the Whisky A Go Go, and he's currently on a European tour with Last In Line. He's stuck to his guns, gotten in where he fit in, and never, ever, given up.

Love Music : You are working on a new EP, Tell us about the process?

Honestly, this is a new thing for me, working with an outside producer. Up to this point I've done everything myself; performing all the instruments (except on "GirlStuff," "Mother Freedom," and "Walking Dead"), recording, mixing, and mastering. Two of the three songs we're recording are already in our set list, so the whole band is familiar with them.

Love Music : Tell us about the crowd response to your music when playing live?

We've always gotten great response and feedback from our live shows. It's great when I can look out onto the floor and see members of other bands getting into our stuff, bobbing their heads, tapping the tables with their hands, that kind of thing. It's even better when they come up afterward and tell us how much they enjoyed our stuff! 

Love Music : How often and for how long do you practice?

As a band, we practice once a week for about two hours, going through the entire set list and working out problem areas in songs when they crop up. Everyone also puts in time working stuff out at home, so every practice we sound like we've been practicing together several times a week. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by musicians who are so dedicated, and better than me, to boot!

Love Music : What do you all do in your spare time when not working on your music career?

I like to work on vintage cars and stereo equipment (I'm listening to a reel-to-reel tape deck I restored myself as I write this). Scott is pretty much all music, all the time, composing songs for other bands and background music for radio stations. Mikey likes to ride his bicycle out in the open air. Joe likes to race cars and be outdoors, and he enjoys exploring the places around LA for food and unique things to do.

Love Music : You have recently signed on with BSquaredMGMT. What are your plans for the future?

We plan to be putty in Birdee Bow's hands haha! Seriously, we'd love to do all the things our heroes do; record, tour, do interviews, with the added benefit of making a living off our music, which is seemingly rare these days. Myself, I plan to change the face of the industry, showing the world that there is still great music being made by good musicians, people that can actually play and sing and write great, hooky songs with memorable riffs and awesome energy! 

Love Music : Any expected release date of your new music?

I don't have an expected release date yet, but I'm pretty sure we'll have music ready very quickly once we can get in the studio. We all know our stuff very well, so the process should be pretty smooth.


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