Sunday, 5 January 2020

Big Bzz | OG Klay

OG Klay from the South Side of Peoria, IL, about two hours from Chicago. He is just starting out his music career; He write all his music from real-life experiences. OG Klay knows in his heart and soul that he is destined to be an artist; he has and will be continue to dedicate his whole life to his music. He has been inspired by an artist at the age of 13, music has been such an inspiration to OG Klay and his entire life. This was always his goal in life and he will stop at nothing to see that goal reached.

OG Klay has been making music, writing lyrics, and performing his own work for almost 5 years now. Becoming one of the greatest Hip-Hop artists is and will always be a dream of OG Klay that he will continue to work. His first single release, “Big Bzz,” on the first week hit the music streams and radio stations along with the music charts at number 24!

As OG Klay always in the studio putting in work for his next masterpiece, he is continually working on his online presence as well. Social media has helped him reach out to the public faster and easier than his Hip-Hop ancestors before him. He love to interact with his fan base and answer all the questions and suggestions. It feels more personal to him when he can get on a one-on-one level with his fans. OG Klay cherish every one of them and will never take them for granted.


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