Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Buffalo’s Music Scene Heating Up in 2017. Check out its rising artists.

Off the eastern shores of Lake Erie lies one of the most forgotten cities in the country, Buffalo, New York. Buffalo is New York State’s 2nd-most populous city after New York City, with 258,703 residents. The metropolitan area has a population of 1.13 million. It’s known for its Wings, Pizza and Buffalo Bills sports team, but until recently was never really understood as a place for music.

Buffalo has had its share of successful artists in the past. Music stars such as Brian McKnight, The Goo Goo dolls and Rick James have all played an important role in music and continue to inspire young artists today.During the late 80’s and early 90’s Buffalo enjoyed a great deal of success in music’s spotlight, but even during its small rise it never saw the success that other cities enjoyed and was unable to maintain any major success in the years to come.

Known as one of the more modest cities in a state that features one of the largest cities in the world, New York City, Buffalo has always played little brother to one of the leading entertainment capitals in the country. But things are changing. In the past few years Buffalo has seen a rise in talent and enthusiasm for its local artists. The entertainment scene is now littered with tons of talent that originate from the Western New York region. One artist looking to make a name for himself is western New York’s own Mack Benton.

Who Is Mack Benton?

In this day and age, with all the new music and artists dropping weekly, we’re always looking for the next big thing. Well look no further than to one of Indies most polarizing musical figures over the past year. A guy that has done just as much as any independent artist has in today’s market.

Most artists today either don’t know where they fit in or follow the norm—so much that their unique voice fails to shine through. This New York native who dwells and creates music in Atlanta, Georgia honed his craft from day one and now stands firmly on his own two feet as a one-of-a-kind artist. Directly influenced by New York’s up-beat dance scene and the captivating vibe of Atlanta’s R&B scene it’s safe to say that this twenty four year Old’s passion is both unparalleled and unwavering.

Mack is looking to show the world exactly how talented and successful you can be coming from this forgotten city. “The key to success in this day and age is being able to build a brand that will have the labels calling. It really doesn’t matter where you’re from, or how much money you have. At the end of the day talent and hard work means everything and that’ll get you in and keep you in this game for a very long time”

Join the wave as it takes off! Check out some of this artist’s newest music and follow him on his journey to stardom.


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