Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Top 5 Breakthrough Atlanta Rappers of 2017

If you’re from Atlanta you definitely know Lotto Savage’s biggest single Trapped It Out. With a gully sound that’s perfect for the strip clubs, this track’s been in pretty heavy rotation. Whether he breaks out of the local Atlanta scene and goes national is yet to be seen, but Epic Records seem to think he will, having signed him back in 2016. Lotto Savage is also a member of 21 Savage’s Slaughter Gang so he’s definitely in the right hands to blow up. Fellow Slaughter Gang member Mookie Mardi Gras is an honorary mention on this list.


Fourth Ward native DaeDae has the Atlanta streets on lock and is well on his way to dominating mainstream America. He’s already had a few remix collaborations that have made the charts like What U Mean with Lil Yachty, Spend It with 2Chainz and Lil Wayne, and another remix with Young Thug and Young M.A. Signed to 300 Entertainment, with label-mates Migos and Young Thug, DaeDae is well positioned to go national. If Lucci isn’t the one to bring the Atlanta streets into the pop rap realm, then DaeDae just might be.


Toronto-born independent artist Shah is the first new rapper since Future to be truly embraced by the notorious Magic City strip club. He’s also been taken in by several of the famed Coalition DJs like DJ Shawty Rock and DJ Westside who make cameo appearances in his latest video Just Text. This week his latest song also appeared on the Atl Top20 list of the biggest hip hop and R&B hits in Atlanta. Shah’s working with Atlanta-based producer and battle champion My Buddy and quickly becoming Atlanta’s favorite Toronto rapper. This looks to be just the beginning - Shah appears headed for international stardom.


YFN Lucci broke out with the hit single Key to the Streets featuring Atlanta legends Migos and Trouble that peaked at #18 on US rap charts. Fresh offMigos’ smash Bad and Boujee, Lucci’s track was shown a lot of love in Atlanta. Lucci is signed to Think It’s A Game records, also home to Rich HomieQuan and he has the ability to take a gutter, street sound and give it a pop vibe. While the Atlanta strip club circuit can be credited with breaking Lucci, he’s more than an artist making strip club anthems. With the pop rap world behind him and his most recent single Everyday We Lit making waves,Lucci appears to be destined to be a household name across America.


Lil Uzi Very has been doing his thing steadily since 2015 although he wasn’t in the spotlight like he is now until Bad and Boujee peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts in January of this year. Since then, Uzi’s single XO TOUR Llif3 has been making serious waves across the country, but specifically in Atlanta where his main fan base lies. He has the playlist game on lock, which is notable because music streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music are the direction that hip hop and the music industry at large are headed. Currently featured on Spotify’s influential Rap Caviar and Apple Music’s The A List Hip Hop show that Uzi’s fanbase is national.

All 5 artists on this list may have gotten their big breaks in the Atlanta strip club scene, but only those who go national on the radio and streaming sites are the ones that will truly be big. These rappers are all on the right trajectory, especially Lil Uzi Vert, YFN Lucci, and Shah. Stay tuned for who brings us the 2017 song of the summer.

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