Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Interview with Mattias Bredenberg

Love Music : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education passion etc. ?? 

My name is Mattias Bredenberg, a hardworking, serious and very passionated musician from Sweden. I've been writing music for about 10 years, and I've been in several bands. One of those bands, Walls of Glass is still active.

As I'm a very creative and restless soul which comes up with new ideas all the time, I can't play in a band that just got 1 gig/m. So that's why I decided to go solo, and to do my own thing. Most of my songs as a solo artist is pianobased, very laidback and melodic. The central part in my music is the lyrics.


Love Music : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention how does it feel?

I'm feeling really excited, cause I've been working with my music on a daily basis the last year, and I think I've got material for the next 3 years. But there been several times when I almost gaved up, but I kept on struggling, and finally the results beginning to come.


Love Music : Do you like to do your work solo or with band ?

I prefer to work as a solo, cause than I can be more experimental. But of course, I love to work with the band to, but they're little bit to old, so I don't know if they can handle my tempo, I love you guys!


Love Music : What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ?  

I've been on Swedish television, and on Swedish radio several times, but that's not the most exciting achievements thus far. In 2018 I made it to the semifinal in a international songwriting competition in US, which is absolutely my biggest achievement as a musician. But I hope there's more to come...


Love Music : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?  

My nearest goal is to reach out with my music to a bigger audience, and then I want to go to the states and play live, that's always been a dream since I started with music. So if you Americans love a good show, you should check me out :)


Love Music : What motivates you to do your best work as a solo musician ? 

That I can do just what I want. For example, I will invite different guest musicians for every new song that I'm about to record. And I let them be a part of the arr, all to get the best result. Cause this musicians are really skilled, and it's a gift to ork with them.


Love Music : Did you choose this industry, as a career, or as a hobby?

From the beginning I saw it just as a hobby, but it didn't took that long before I decided to try to build an career. I think it took 1 year before I decided to go all in, this was back in 2010. But since then, it's been a roller coaster ride. Between 2011-2014, I barely played any music at all. But in 2015, I found the joy again, and since then I've been active, most of the time anyway. I know that I will never end with music, cause I love what I'm doing. It's my best friend, cause it's always there for me, it'll never let me down.


Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time? 

I'm working out a lot to keep my body fit. I like skiing, and to drive motorbike. As you can see, I really love adrenaline, and the best I know, is to be on the stage! But of course, even I need to slow down sometimes...


Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online?

They can find me on Instagram: brippen8, and on Facebook: Mattias Bredenberg. And I just released my first single, "where do they go", which you can find on Spotify, apple, Deezer, Amazon and Soundcloud, so check it out!

All my love!

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