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Great Conversation With TJ Leonard- A Famous Swedish Singer & Songwriter

Love Music recently interviewed an Famous Swedish Singer & Songwriter TJ Leonard, he got his first guitar from his grandfather when he was eight. He taught his grandchild to play Swedish folk music and evergreens. Soon TJ was introduced to pop and blues through his cousin that was a little bit older and played in a famous swedish pop band. At eighteen he became lead singer and guitar player in a dance band. A lot of genres passed through TJ:s life. Jazz, hard rock, gospel, soul/r&b but not until country music came along it felt like home. 

Check out the interview :


Love Music : Let's talk a bit about your music and what is the secret behind your success ?

TJ Leonard : 

It depends on what you mean by success. I can see that my music has been known to people when I look at the charts but I don't feel that I have success. May be it's because I live on the wrong side of the Atlantic :) I get a lot of publicity in the US and some in Europe but here in Sweden there's only a few that knows about me. I't getting better and better though. I've made a couple of guest appearances with other artists and got some attention because of that :)

Love Music : At the age of eight, you got first guitar from your grandfather, so was your grandfather your teacher ??

TJ Leonard : 

Yes you could say that he was my first teacher. He tought me all the songs he used to play with his band. Some were jazz standards translated into swedish and folk songs. From the beginning he was singing and played the mandolin and I played the guitar but later I took over the singing. We didn't perform on stage at any time, only at our family gatherings. Every time I visited my grandparents we played all those ol' songs. At the very end he couldn't play that mandolin so he just sat there listening (he was blind) to me and I guess memories from the past time were running through his mind. I really miss him.

Love Music : Please tell us about your latest & most famous single "The River " ?

TJ Leonard : 

It's a song about me and my friends growing up in a small village in the south of Sweden. There's a river running through the village that is famous for its big salmon and sea trouts. We spent most of our time by that river for many years and had many adventures and met anglers from all over the world. From the age of 15 I worked in a fishing shop and tied most of the flies that we sold. 

Love Music : Where would you most like to perform?

TJ Leonard :

The CMA awards or the Grand Ol' Opry LOL! Hey there's nothing wrong in having a dream right? :)

Love Music : You choose music industry, as a career, or as a hobby?
TJ Leonard : 

I have a regular job that puts food on the table and I hardly earn any money at all on the music so I guess it's a hobby then. I wish I could spend a little more time on stage and in the studio but I don't want to quit my job. I meet a lot of exciting people and since I write lyrics about the life around me the inspiration wouldn't be there then.

Love Music : How do you feel when you become a Nominee for Awards ?

TJ Leonard :

It's a great feeling of course :) I feel proud and blessed that all that hard work paid off. In September I will attend the Josie Music Awards in Nashville and that's the first time for me so it will be exciting.

Love Music : Do you set goals for yourself and how do you do that?
TJ Leonard :

  I used to do that but when you put the family life first it's difficult to reach the goals you've set. I write the songs and produce them when I have some time left. Therefore the process is kind of slow right now.

Love Music : Tell us about your band that you started with Tex Taylor, in 2010 ?

TJ Leonard : 

From the beginning the purpose was to get together once a week and play just for fun. After a while we sounded quite good and we got nominated to Swedish Country music championships. We didn't win though but it was fun. Most of the guys have families and one after the other dropped off and was replaced with full time musicians. Tex got a job that required most of his time and I was the only original band member left so I decided to go solo instead. We had a great time playing all those country festivals and now I look upon that time with a smile :)

Love Music : Any tip you would give to other musicians?
TJ Leonard : 

When you do something, put your whole heart in it regardless if it's music or something else. Sometimes things won't go your way but sometimes they will. Eventually you will find out what's working for you.

Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online?

TJ Leonard :
The album High on Livin' can be found on Itunes, Amazon and other internet sites. will get you to my Facebook site and if you want to follow me on Twitter it's:  


. I have a couple of videos on YouTube. Go to

TJ Leonard

if you want to check them out.


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