Monday, 19 December 2016

A Conversation with International Recording Artist Whitney Wyatt

Love Music : Please introduce yourself to the readers and Who or what inspired you to become a recording artist?

My name is Whitney Wyatt. I am a singer/song writer in Tennessee. I don’t know that I ever had one specific instance that inspired me to be a recording artist. I grew up in a musical family and that was inspiring. I have always wanted to be a singer ever since I can remember. Growing up I sang at church and school musicals, and I started recording around 16 years old. I remember the feeling I had working on my very first recording project. It was this feeling of complete fulfillment and joy, and I just knew what I’m meant to do.

Love Music : We been hearing a lot about you, so we notice your starting to gain a lot of attention for your music, how does it feel?

It feels good to know that people are enjoying what I’m sharing. It’s scary to bare your soul to the world and put yourself out there. You don’t know how people will respond. So it’s humbling and exciting to know that people actually enjoy it, and want to be apart of what you’re creating. It’s just a great sense of confirmation in what I’m doing with my music.

Love Music : Please tell our readers more about your songs and which would you say you are most known for?

The songs I’ve been performing are jazz standards from the 1920s-50s. That era really inspires me, and I enjoy singing the music. It fits my voice really well. I sing a lot of French songs from that time period. I try to pick the ones people will recognize, but I perform them closer to their original style rather than the Americanized versions. I would say “La Vien Rose” is a popular song of mine. You can check out my screener video as well to see the variety of the songs I sing at:


Love Music : We understand you sing in several different languages can you tell our readers what languages you sing in? Is it hard to sing in these different languages?

I enjoy singing in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. I regularly perform in French, and I would like to incorporate the other languages. I was a vocal performance major in college, and I regularly sang in all these languages for 5 years. I rarely ever sang in English. I grew very fond of singing in other languages, and enjoyed the challenge of delivering an emotion through the language barrier. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult for me to sing in other languages because I find it fascinating. It’s something that I’m passionate about and have always enjoyed.

Love Music : Do you write your own music? How do you decide what music is the right fit  for you?

I do write my own music. I know a song is a right fit if it’s fun for me to sing, and I connect with it emotionally. I want to feel something from the song, so I can convey that emotion to whoever is listening.

Love Music : What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ?

I would say getting signed to CK Talent Management. It’s very exciting to be in partnership with someone who will help raise the platform of my influence.

Love Music : We see you have been in a few episodes of the TV Show Nashville, what do you find exciting about acting? Tell us some of your experiences and stories from being on the set?

I find acting to be a fun outlet for my imagination. It helps me gain insight into different perspectives that may not be my own. It’s also fascinating to be on set and see the whole behind the scenes process. There was one scene we were shooting at this mansion in Bellemeade. It was supposed to be some music industry party. They had all the doors open in the house and it was like 30 degrees outside, it was freezing! And I had this cocktail dress and high heels on. We had to dance and chat in complete silence so they could get the audio of the actors in the room. One of the actors was Oliver Hudson. It was just so crazy being in the same room of this actor that I had seen in movies growing up.

Love Music : What kind of training have you had, if any in acting or music?

I have years of training in singing. I started taking lessons when I was 14 years old. I then continued taking lessons at the collegiate level through my vocal performance degree. I was in drama class in high school, and acted in all the school plays and musicals. I also took an acting class in college.

Love Music : What’s your goal in life and you want to achieve next?

My goal in life is to be a professional musician for my full time job. I want to be able to reach as many people as possible with my music whether it’s through singing or teaching. My current goal is to play more live shows to build up my following.

Love Music : Did you choose the music and acting industry, as a career, or as a hobby?

I chose music as a career, I have always wanted to be a singer ever since I can remember. I’ve worked jobs in other industries, but I’ve never questioned the fact that I want to make a career in the music industry.

Love Music : Everybody needs time out to relax. What do you do in your free time?

What free time? I find it extremely relaxing and satisfying spending quality time with my close friends. Whether it’s a phone call, coffee date, or drinks out on the town. I find it necessary to my sanity to keep up with my friends and their lives. I also really enjoy doing yoga and of course Netflix and Hulu. They have some pretty great shows, I am currently enjoying and escaping into “The Crown” or “Arrested Development” or “Empire” in my free time.

Love Music : Are you active on social media? What is the best way for our readers to follow you ?

Yes I am. I would probably say Instagram, although whatever I post to Instagram goes out to my Twitter and Facebook. So any one of those is good is a good place to connect with me. I also have a Reverbnation account where you can go to listen to some of my music!

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