Monday, 6 August 2018

Interview With J.T. Pender

Jacoby “J.T.” Pender was born into a family of musicians in the rurally located town of Port Angeles, Washington. His mother, father and brothers were all aspiring musicians throughout his life. He credits his family for providing an environment of constant musical creativeness growing up.

Although he is skilled with a beat pad or sampler, he is also a capable musician with the keys, guitar and bass. A typical studio session with J.T. reveals that he can create a track from scratch with any arrangement of instruments and develop it into a published song. As a recording engineer, songwriter and vocalist, J.T. has shown an ability to perform well in all areas of the song creation process. Under his urban music label, GameRunnaZ Records, J.T. has amassed a catalog of over 10 published albums with various artists from the Northwest.
J.T. also stays in demand as a music publisher for his self-founded company True Audible, gaining music placements in many different media outlets. Most recently his music has been placed on the UK’s re-airing of The Hills for MTV Networks, the feature film Something Like A Business, the PGA Tour and web series such as Sorority Forever and Prom Queen 2.

J.T. Recently most recently revamped GameRunnaZ Music Publishing through GameRunnaZ Records, and has secured music placements with Fuse TV, Bravo!, B.E.T., amongst other TV networks. You can hear his first official music composing credit on network TV on Season 2 of The Hollywood Puppet Show on Fuse TV.

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Love Music : Let’s talk a bit about your music and what is the secret behind your success ?

Persistence. I've been making music for 20 years. A lot of people when they think Hip Hop producer or rapper, they think Bentley, champaign, mansions. Overnight success. Hit single. But, the truth is, everything takes a lot of work behind the scenes. I've known artists that quit music for good, just because someone criticized their album. This was before the internet. Look at it now…the negativity is all summed up on one social media post. So, just sticking with it is half the battle for any musician, and persistently improving your skills and formula. Even when my music was struggling for inspiration, I’d still be making it. So, when you get a hit or something that’s fire, it makes it all that much more gratifying. 

Love Music : Can you please tell our readers about your latest project, The Success Freestyle?

For the last year I've been working heavy on the business side. Our record label, publishing company, and brand GameRunnaZ Records has secured some contracts that have allowed us to put our Hip Hop music into TV networks and film more than ever. But, at the core, I’m a musician and an artist. The Success Freestyle is my “back again” project. It is the first song from my incoming word in progress the “It Is What It Isn't.”

Love Music : And background Of The Success Freestyle Song & Video?

I just kept seeing people posting freestyles online, and I honestly questioned that they were freestyles or off the top. It kind of bothered my a little. Like, what is a freestyle nowadays then?  Like, most people that know me know I CAN freestyle, but I don’t step in cyphers and battle and all that. In the studio, half my songs start with Freestyles we end up keeping. With “The Success” freestyle I had an idea of what topic, but I wanted to do it from the top. So, that was where the live recording in booth concept happened. Cut a video with two iPhones and just let it roll. I actually did one freestyle and I forgot to arm the track in Logic, so the freestyle that made the video is actually the second attempt, like it shows. I had to keep it real.

Love Music : Please tell us more about your music style ? 

I've switched up a few times over the years. My style has been very artistically inclined since I released the No Apologies album. Even more with Affirmations. I try to put a message in my music an always take the listener somewhere. That doesn't always jive with what’s on the radio or what’s trending, but it’s what I do. One of my goals in music production has always been to try to bring the most dynamic energy without crowding my beats. I've gotten away from that the last few projects, but I’m bringing that concept back for “It Is What It Isn't”

Love Music : Who are your musical inspirations?

Too many to name in a sit down. I was raised on my pop’s vinyl collection…everyone from Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott Heron. All the way through B.I.G., Tribe Called Quest,Wu Tang, and 2Pac. New guys like J. Cole and Kendrick really inspire me to make new music.

Love Music : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician ?

It’s easier now than ever in history to start experimenting with music production and recording. If you really want to do it, start now. Quit waiting. There’s really no excuse anymore to not do music if that’s what you want to do. Professionally, remember, it’s BUSINESS… it’s not always beats and rhymes. Be ready for when it gets complicated. Study the game. BE READY AND STAY READY!

Love Music : Have you set some goals to achieve ? 

Just had a dope experience composing for Season 2 of The Hollywood Puppet Show on Fuse. I’d like to compose music for a movie someday in between everything else I’m trying to do out here.

Love Music : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be?

Those huge festivals in Europe look wild. Dubai looks dope. My backyard would be dope at this point….it’s been a couple years since I've performed live. That’s about to change. Anyone that’s seen me knows my stage game is legit.

Love Music : Please share with us your proudest moments ?

Seeing my one year old son hit the pads on my beat pad.

Love Music : Are you active on social media?

I stay pretty active on my Instagram @jtpender and I’m on the others. The new IGTV platform is starting to catch some exclusive content. Youtube stays up with new stuff as well.


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