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Daniel Balavoine

Daniel Balavoine was born on 5th February 1952, in Alençon (Orne) at the option of a mutation from his father, charged to rebuild the country after the war.
At the age of 16, he participated in the events of May 68. He dreamed of being a member, who, discovers that the revolutionaries are only spectacle of men, and gives up to school. At the same time, one of his brothers torn between guitar and medicine. This will be medicine, and Daniel then retrieves the guitar. Then, to escape boarding school, he announces that he wants to become a priest.

Then he starts in groups of Pier Canto, such as Shake or Awakening, and has a small reputation in the Southwest.
In 1971 truly begins his career. Through word of mouth, he was contacted by Eric St. Laurent, singer Presence group to report to Paris to integrate the group. In addition Balavoine, Laurent Voulzy is convened. This will ultimately Balavoine that will incorporate the group and record a 45s, sold 241 copies. The Presence band split.While he remains in Paris, Balavoine deepens a singer and passes various hearings. In 1973, he recorded three titles and unpublished until 1986, and landed a small role in the musical "The French Revolution" by his brother. Therefore, it is noticed by Aboulker Florence, wife of Patrick Juvet and became vocalist for it during his visit to Olympia. Soon, Juvet and him became friends and wrote him Balavoine 4 tracks for his album Chrysalis, while Juvet leave the store Autumn colors.
His unusual voice was noticed by Leo Missir, director at Barclay, who had him sign an entirely new contract for a beginner is to say an album a year, with the musicians chosen by Balavoine, in absolute artistic freedom. We are then in 1975, and then came out first Lp Balavoine: From you to her through me
This album will be a commercial failure. Balavoine tells stories of love, and the last song Mona Lisa, is a collection of four songs, one of which, "She was mending my socks" is dedicated to Florence Aboulker. In one of his interviews, Balavoine said: It was a bit light album, I see it myself. It is nice but nothing more. My personality was not very precise, even my voice was different. I had not done my molt, perhaps, and in addition the subjects had little or no interest since it only spoke of me and my girlfriends, which is not really exciting. This sometimes I do listen to those who want to laugh.
Also in 1975 he founded with his brother Guy SA Group ring and pulls out a 45s titled Vienna rain

also found in From you to her through me a song for Catherine Ferry, his then-girlfriend, he will accompany in 1976 at the Eurovision (It will rank second). The title had a little success and a tour of the countries of the East began then, including Germany, then split by the Berlin Wall. This Balavoine inspiration for her second album, entitled The Adventures of Simon and Gunther Stein ...

So this is the story of two brothers, Simon and Gunther, who planned to be August 13, 1961. In the night the Berlin Wall was built. Simon then plans to escape in the company of Axel, a childhood friend, but did not survive. The last song "My music is my dialect" no longer relates the story of two brothers, but is a "pique" of Balavoine to the Anglo-Saxon music, considered superior.
This disc is what is politely called a critical success. However, during a TV pass, Michel Berger noted Balavoine performing "Lady Marlène". Therefore, he was chosen to play the role of Johnny Rockfort in the rock opera Starmania I am A second 45 turns out,
However, Balavoine has not experienced real success. Eddie Barclay does not believe in him. The next album is the last chance. He says if I do not sell 30,000 I Quit!
The rest we know. The third album Balavoine, Singer is a success.

The title tells the dream of glory and obsolescence of a singer initially idolized and considered a nobody.
The disc the singer released the same day as Starmania. A radio is Balavoine everywhere. A second extract of Singer is drawn 45s, this is Lucia, where we find in the now legendary B Face Sos of a land in distress, written especially for Balavoine.

1979 arrives and the fourth album Balavoine, entitled Face love bitter face

The cover plays on the contrast, since you can see back that Balavoine is not a top of a mountain, but on a mound of snow. Compared to the success of the singer, this album may appear disappointing. Do not leave me to go away does not work as much.

However, on 19 March 1980 Balavoine will be known for something other than music. This is that day, when invited on the set of the 13 hours of Antenne 2, he will speak and express their feeling about the policy before François Mitterrand, not President of the Republic. Immediately the news stands as Spokesperson for Youth.

Another experiment, Balavoine Bo made the film of Jolivet brothers So happy? and holds his first film role, namely homosexual stretcher bearer.

At the end of the year released the album Another World

Will be extracted from this album dedicated, among other Coluche (The first supports the candidacy of the second) securities My son my battle, life teaches me nothing, Lipstick Polychrome and a title originally written for a small beginning, namely Johnny Hallyday, titled I'm not a hero.
Passage while at the Olympia (He had done the previous year's expense) which will extract a live.

Second cinema excursion in the film What makes crack girls? and in April 1982 released his sixth studio album Sellers tears.

Finally ... An album Lp plus a maxi 45 tours consist of tears Sellers. First single, Live or survive. The second is the one that gives its title to the album, while the third Raises me is a declaration of love to a prostitute.
This album will receive the Diamond Award for French Song (Les Victoires de la Musique did not exist yet) and Balavoine occurs at the Sports Palace, with competitors, Simon and Garfunkel and the Rolling Stones.

At the end of 1982, Daniel prepares the Paris-Dakar. Bad pick, his car breaks down in the first Algerian stage, and also for the assistance truck. However, it continues as an independent candidate and explores Africa.
He also participated in the musical for children Abbacadabra where he plays the role of Prince Charming. Finally, between 10 and 28 October, he volunteers with the station 95.2 FM, where he signed daily tickets, ended each time with "Just be against all that shit in it!"

On October 23, he was invited in September to September, where we retain only the sentence "Fuck veterans." Balavoine nevertheless argues that we must fight against the current wars during the commemorations. The standard of the show explodes, only Gainsbourg will do better with the famous case of the 500-franc note. Two weeks later, on the Champs Elysees tray, he apologizes to the reactions of veterans.

Amid this turmoil released her album Far from the eyes of the West.

This album is marked by his African adventure, the topics are more serious: The Women in For the widow who wakes up the dictatorship in Argentina in Revolucion, in the middle of football Supporter, torture with Strike with your head his own death in Leaving before mine or drugs with fish in the cage.

Balavoine toured the following year, where some of his performances are canceled following the events of veterans. He returns to the Sports and released a second live album.

During the summer, it becomes Papa. On this occasion, a fate 45s, God it's beautiful.

Start 85, he began his second Paris-Dakar with Jean-Luc Roy. The team will rank thirtieth overall. This then implies School in Action, the collective of singers without borders and established together with Thierry Sabine an operation to provide water pumps in Africa. October 16 comes Saving Love, recorded using the most advanced techniques, including Fairlight, he is the first to be used in France.

The first single is the greatest success of Balavoine. This is L'Aziza, dedicated to Corinne, his wife of Moroccan origin. In this song, he received the SOS Racisme. Mid December, he participated in the launch of Eating Heart of Europe 1.
For his third Paris-Dakar, it is not participating in the race but monitors the flow of water pumps in the framework of the Paris-Dakar operation Bet of the Heart he leads with Thierry Sabine.
January 14, Thierry Sabine offers his first flight in a helicopter. The squirrel is caught in a sandstorm. He pauses, then for some unexplained reason, goes off again and hit a dune. There are no survivors.

The Association

Balavoine died, but her continued action. In March 1986
Daniel Balavoine Association was created. The important thing is not to give, but to make it known, that he did not die for nothing.

And if we were wrong, if it was not just a matter of heart and ideals, but also a matter of intelligence and realism.
So we would be talking about more than the fight against hunger in the world but the end of the insane world.
Do charity randomly, it is useless. If it is to feel good. That's why today I commit myself in Action School. Because it is a profoundly different action. Political and economic act. And because it's good to feel involved in speaking true. If I do, it is also able to ask others to engage with me.
And it is a philosophical act. Moral. Avoid foods that arrive in Africa in the form of soup. We must preserve the dignity of people. It is not there a singer of heroic crusade, but a personal motivation. No charity, but of necessity. And maybe just realism. It is to fight against this inhuman world. Not necessarily by kindness or by heart, but, perhaps stupidly for himself. Because in man in 1986 still die of hunger is an insult to himself and to all humanity.
What I want to say to children is "It's acting!" And regardless of the reasons why to do it. At least, their motives will be true and honest. We must sweep habits. It is useless to appall, to protest in vain, whining. "The school in war against hunger" is much more than that. Much harder. At least that is how I feel. No bluff or tears. You have to see things as they are. Even if they disturb. Adults do not see, do not always understand this. So I appeal to children to help them understand. There is no question of seeking or solicitation but action. A handover between them, us and the world. Everybody. The important step in a long struggle.
For such an action would not consider failure a second. But if, unfortunately, it was a failure, then it would be shame. A shame so violent that we should burn as the sun burns the desert.

Daniel Balavoine


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