Thursday, 26 May 2016

Interview with TheKunig – “Droplets of Faith” and “Incidental Avenue”

Love Music recently interviewed TheKunig – “Droplets of Faith” and “Incidental Avenue”. TheKunig uses the following:

Drum loops,synths,sequencers,bass,samples with help from some of the most talented female unsigned singers.

Featured 5 times on BBC Introducing and once on BBC Radio 6 MixTape - TheKunig's music has also been played regularly on Jango Radio as well as Central FM Spain

Check out the interview :

Love Music : Let’s talk a bit about your music and what is the secret behind your success ?

TheKunig :

I think the secret is that I always treat my contemporaries exactly like I would like to be treated and I have supported all those unsigned artists regardless of their music genre.

Love Music : What hidden talents do you have?

TheKunig :

I can wiggle my ears in time to the music !!

Love Music : How you feels when fans leave a good feedback on your albums " Dream Demons " & "1956 "?

TheKunig :

Very happy to know firstly that people are listening to my music and always appreciative of any constuctive comments.

Love Music : You choose music industry, as a career, or as a hobby?

TheKunig :

It once was a career now its more of a hobby ....but who knows what might happen.

Love Music : What's your fav. song and why?

TheKunig :

Hello Goodbye by The Beatles - it reminds me of my early introduction to music making

Love Music : Do you set goals for yourself and how do you do that?

TheKunig :

I never set goals I might not achieve - which is more likely than not !

Love Music : Tell us about your latest achievements ?

TheKunig :

Being featured artist on dtongradio

Love Music : What do you find most inspires you to do that work?

TheKunig :

My love of music and the thought that others might get some pleasure from my music

Love Music : Any tip would you give to other musicians?

TheKunig :

Never give up and follow your dream

Love Music : How can people find you and follow you online?

TheKunig : - or just search for TheKunig in Facebook & @TheKunig in Twitter

On Soundcloud :


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