Monday, 26 March 2018

Interview with Kelvin Frazier

Love Music : How did your music video come together? What were some your inspirations behind the theme?

The song "Marked and Scarred" speaks about love loss, so I wanted to make a music video based off of that theme. In the video, I broke up with my girlfriend. Afterwards, I see her face everywhere I go but it always turn out to be someone. To cope with my loss I have flashbacks remembering the good times.

Love Music : How does working with visual producers complient you as an artist?

It is great! This is the time to explain the inspiration behind my lyrics to someone else. Then to see it come to fruition is a dream come true.


Love Music : How long did you take you to write the song? Describe the creative process 

It didn't take long (about an hour) to write "Marked and Scarred". The song is basically a story behind the loss of my grandmother which is an experienced that is ingrained in my heart and mind. I just changed up the lyrics to be more of a general love loss song.

Love Music : How was it like performing the song for the first time? What was the crowd reaction?

It was exciting to perform a song that has so much meaning to my life. "Marked and Scarred" ended up being one of the crowd's favorite songs from of my set list.

Love Music : When somebody first stumbles across your music on the radio, what experience do you want them to have?  

After listening to the EP I want my listener to feel like they can "Conquer All" as it relates to the type of mind set you need in order to overcome anything you maybe going through.

Love Music : Where did you shoot the video? 

The music video was shot in different spots in LA (Downtown LA and North Hollywood).

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