Sunday, 26 May 2019

8 Quick Questions with Pop Star Kendall Rucks

What mood are you in right now ? 

As I'm writing this, the moon is in Scorpio so I'm feeling a little can imagine the rest

Any pre show rituals? 

"freak the fuck out" - LanaDelRey

Tell us about the new single title! 

I'm getting ready to release a new single called "Blood Money" I wrote this song in the basement of the old Biltmore Hotel in downtown La - I had a red lipstick loose in my purse...when I went to buy a drink that night, all my money was covered in lipstick and from that, came Blood Money. I still have a red covered dollar saved :wink: 

Biggest achievement of 2019 so far? 

Definitely, it's recording music with my band, The Zodiac Mafia. The vibe and dynamic that they bring to my lyrics and music has been amazing - I can't wait to share the new stuff. 

Where can we hang out with KENDALL RUCKS soon and SEE a LIVE show? 

Good Question, we're all traveling for the next few weeks so our next show will likely be our release party - more info coming soon.

My audiences make me most happy when they...

sing my lyrics at the front of the stage with me - I LOVE that

When I'm not playing music, you can find me...

outside calling for my escape artist cat, Bleu- he disappears for days and comes home like nothing ever happened. I love him so much.

The words I hear most after my performances are...

"Wow, I wasn't expecting that" 

Where do we find you on line? we go!

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