Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Interview with SUAGEE ( EARNEST T. COOLEY )

" The hustle is not a hustle until we give it life. We personify the hustle

Love Music : Let’s talk a bit about your music and what is the secret behind your success ? 

No big secret. A lot of hard work, determination and perseverance. We all know that this a very tough industry to break into. Sometimes you are going to encounter problems and situations that may discourage you. These are the challenges that helps to mold character.      

Also keeping an open mind to new types of music and projects so that you don't sound so one dimensional and you are able to capture all types of listeners.

Love Music : Can you please tell our readers more about your record label ? 

My record label " PERSONIFIED HUSTLE ENTERTAINMENT "  was created to help upcoming artist and established ones for that matter to further their careers. Being an artist myself I know how important it is to have an organization that will support you in every aspect of the business. To generally pave the way so that those who may come behind me don't have such a rough road to travel.

To personify hustle means to simply bring the hustle to life. We all hustle in some shape or form. Weather its a doctor, surgeon or even a landscaper. The hustle is not a hustle until we give it life. We all personify hustle!!!

Love Music : Any new project do you have coming up ?

We have a ton of new projects that we are currently working on.  Personal projects of my own such as new singles to be released soon. May 1st 2018 we are releasing the new single " TURNT UP ". Shortly afterwards we will be releasing single " THE ONE and  I WANNA KNOW " . WE will be shooting videos for each song shortly after their release. Hopefully we will have a chance to work on putting together a documentary of my  life and achievements ( THE FAILURE THAT FAIL TO FAIL ) 

We are also working on recruiting talent as well . Not just rap artist but also country and   R & B  artist as well. From there the sky is the limit !!!!

Love Music : Please tell us more about your hit song "BAMA BOUNCE " ? 

BAMA BOUNCE is a single that comes off of the compilation titled " HERE COMES THE FLAME " wich was released in 1998. "BAMA BOUNCE " went soaring through the charts and ultimately creating a path for me and my label mates at the time. This compilation represented a first for a lot of the artist that  were featured on there such as DJ DROP , SUGA, LT, KODE RED, LARRY DUNKIN, PRETTY BLACK AND MORE...... 

Love Music : Who are your musical inspirations?

I have a lot of musical influences and inspirations. One being my late cousin ( DOE B ) who was signed to HUSTLE GANG with TI until some knuckle heads took his life about two years ago. ( R.I.P. DOE B )

Others who have inspired me would be artist like 2 PAC , B.I.G., JAY-Z , KANYE WEST, TI, OUTKAST, BONE THUGS, EIGHTBALL AND MJG , UGK  and many many more.

Love Music : Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to be a professional musician ?

My advice to anyone wanting to be a professional musician is to first make sure this is really what you want to do. This is definitely not a career choice for someone who is not ready to give a 100% 100 % of the time. learn as much as possible about the industry. Maybe find someone who has previous knowledge of the biz that they are willing to bestow upon you.

next you really want to work on perfecting your craft. This means practice , practice and more practice. Find different nitches that best represents you and your music to assure that your material stands out and is not lost in the shuffle because it has a to familiar sound to it. You want your music to really stand out so that it is able to be noticed and recognized more readily !!!!

Love Music : Have you set goals to achieve ?

YES I HAVE . Within the first 5 years of my label being established i have goals to sign at least  three acts to the roster and have released singles for each of them.Also with in that same time frame we are going to write and release my first book " THE FAILURE THAT FAIL " and within the next 5 years turn the book into a movie. 

10 - 15 years  we will be looking to open up a string of christian pool halls "Alternate Choice " or (AC ) to accommodate  christian families and allow them to get out of the house with the kids and provide them with an establishment where kids can come for tutoring or any academic assistance, good gospel entertainment with a guest speaker of some caliber every month. This is just one example  how we plan on giving back to the communities and people. Stay tuned for many . many other goals as time moves on !!!!

Love Music : If you could perform anywhere in the world , where would it have to be ?

There is no one place that i am dying to perform at . Any  time i perform any where i give it my all . No one place is just that special to me . The fans are the most important to me. So wherever i can fit the most fans ... that is where i want to perform so that we may all enjoy creating a huge memory together !!!!! I LOVE MY FANS !!!!!!!

Love Music : Please share with us your proudest moments.

I have a few proud moments. The first being when i heard my song on the radio for the first time. Really wonderful experience that i had the honor of enjoying with all my immediate family ( mom, brothers and sisters and a few close friends )

Another moment being when i held my first solo project complete and in my hands ready to go on the shelf. Coming from ALABAMA( where it was a lot harder to get into the industry ) I didn't think i would ever have my own CD ready for retail in stores.

And finally the moment when i saw my record labels name with an EIN number to officially say that my label was established. 

These are just a few proud moments of mine and  I am sure we are going to have many , many more seeing as how the label is just being started.


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