Monday, 16 April 2018

Interview with Q Tyme

Love Music : How did you come up with your stage name and what it means to you ? 

Well my name is actually Q Tyme for its Q’s time to shine but it was hard for people to remember the name so I just changed it to tyme so you know when I’m ending my verse like a boxer ...tyme 

Love Music : Who are some artist that you working with? 

As of now I’m working on my own project and working with a very talented female rapper by the name of storyy and also a male artist by the name of blunt g 

Love Music : Do you consider yourself as a entertainer or an artist ? 

I really think I would say an artist I make beats engineer and write music for myself and others

Love Music : So where are you from because you sound like a southern artist with an up north flow? 

Well I live in South Carolina but I grew up a military child and believe in hard work so I guess that’s why I have a hybrid flow... nothing like it 

Love Music : So if people wanted to check out your new single higher how would they find it? 

It’s on all media outlets but I would have to say that tidal is the biggest one so far we work hard!/album/84519306

Love Music : Do you have any social media? 

Yes follow me on Instagram @officialqtyme and you can find me on the music challenge app @officialqtyme

Love Music : And where they can find free music?

They can find free music here 

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to do a interview with you and thank everyone that has ever supported me my music and my grind


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