Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Interview with the famous composer Chrysa Oikonomaki

Love Music : Chrysa, you are a well-known musician and composer, tell us a bit more about you. How did all start?

I was 6 years old when me and my mom went to a friend's house. They had a piano. 

She was drinking a cup of coffee with her friend when she heard someone playing "Fur Elise" so my mother said: "Your daughter plays amazing or her age". But her friend answered "It's not my daughter playing, it's your daughter!" 

And that's how it all began, cause nobody from my family knew that I was playing the piano.

Whatever I heard I could play and also improvise.

Love Music : Do you like to teach or to compose more?

My family has a long history of teachers. My aunt was an excellent teacher, my grandma was also a teacher and so on. So I have the gift of passing the knowledge to my students. I love teaching.

Composing is something completely different. I express my thoughts and my feeling through music. 

I like both the same but in a different way.

Love Music : What is the best thing you have ever heard from a student?

We seek with my students their own identity in music. This identity, I can recognize it at the very first lessons. So when they grow up to be professional musicians, I see this identity and how they make a difference at what they do. This makes me emotional. I am very proud of them.

The best thing I've heard from a student is "Thank you so much for your help. I didn't only learned music but I also found myself in it"

Love Music : Your compositions are amazing…How can someone order from you

Thank you very much. My compositions are like my children! I put all my energy and passion
to my music.

Anyone can sent me an e-mail at I compose music

For theatre, film, concerts, orchestras, anything you like.!

Love Music : What people usually say for your music? How that make you feel?

Well, usually they say that it has a unique character and that motivates their feelings and their imagination.

I am touched when someone finds a part of his soul in my music. Music is a way four souls to communicate.

Love Music : Singing and Music lessons…How difficult it is online and how do you work?

It's not that difficult as it seems. In Greece lessons online aren't yet so popular but the last five years I see that more and more students prefer online lessons in order to save time. But I have the chance to work with students all around the world.

I try to do online lessons in a way that the student feels that I'm right next to him/her.

Once, At the end of the first online lesson, the student asked me to bring him a glass of water! "                     

He was so in to the lesson that he forgot that we were on the web! 
Online lessons are a great way to connect with teachers or students on the other side of the world!

Love Music : What would you advice a young musician today?

I would advise them to stay curious when it comes to music. Always learn new things, never stop learning. I would also advise them not to fear to challenge themselves, reach their limits, expand their limits. To stay modest. There is always someone better than you. Learn from him. Be a perfectionist but don't suffer from your perfectionism. Give yourself to music and accept both good and bad reviews. Ask yourself if bad reviews have truth in it and if they do, learn from this negative feedback to be better. Music is a way of living. It's not just an art. That is for all arts as well.

Love Music : Industry standards are high, how can a young musician succeed

Believe in your dreams and make your way to it day after day.

Love Music : How can people online find you?

They can visit my brand new Facebook page:

Soon my website will be online as well!

Love Music : What is your moto in life?

Today is the first day of my life.


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