Friday, 6 April 2018

Interview with JCraig

Love Music : Tell us a little bit about yourself. How has music shaped your life? 

Music has been a part of my life from childhood. I started off as a child, singing in our family quartet, I was learning the structure of the song, lead vocal, backing vocals, harmony, melodies and complimentary instrumental accompaniment. Being a good listener has been paramount, because little did I know, I was becoming a good composer through my appreciation for great compositions. You can hear a little bit of gospel, rock, r&b, jazz and blues in my music because I've played all of it at 1 time or another. To sum it all up, this is my life and I try to demonstrate what has transpired through the music that I produce.


Love Music : Your music is great for dancing. Do you like to play dance clubs?

I love to dance myself. When I was a kid, older girls would pay me to dance. Lol Not much, maybe 50 cents, a coke and a candy bar, but back then, that was saying something. If i'm performing, you will move, absolutely no sitting or standing still. I perform with some great dancers and we party for sure.


Love Music : Please tell us more about your upcoming album or project?

My 2nd album "Truth", which will include 3 songs and 1 remix already released, will have a great cross section of songs that will please most current music listeners. The 1st release, "For Eternity", was #36 on the DRT charts last year and we followed it with a techno version produced by Jackel from Vegas. The next song, "Put It On You", has a hot video that has received over 55K views. And of course "Risk It All", is being loved by fans all over the world and I think that the idea of taking risk to make an advance is enticing for most people. We will be adding 6 more songs to complete the "Truth" album. JCraig fans will not be displeased.


Love Music : What were some of your motivations for writing RISK IT ALL?

My life has been 1 risk after another, some good , some bad. But when I reflect on my past, I have to admit that all of the risk were necessary to get me here or else we would not be talking about JCraig. So "Risk It All" is me right now, a seasoned artist who by many accounts would be dated and not fresh with regard to the music of today.


Love Music : Who are your main musical influences?

My influences are many, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, James Brown, Otis Redding, Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Prince, Rolling Stones, Chicago, Tower Of Power, Earth Wind And Fire, Stanley Clark, Billy Cobham, John Mclaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Mighty Clouds Of Joy, Volonaires, on and on.


Love Music : We see that you are also a producer. Tell us about your production process.

I produce from my the melodies that are constructed in my mind. Sometimes it's a beat, other times its a hook or a melody. It's never the exact same way, but it always follows the same template. When I played in bands, we always had great rhythm sections and my songs will always have great rhythm and strong beats.


Love Music : What are your future plans ? Your vision for the coming years & your hopes for your new single?

My future plans are to tour and establish a strong fan base, continue to solidify the JCraig brand, hopefully break into the Hollywood motion picture click somewhere and spend tons of time with my family.


Love Music : If you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it be? 

Wembley stadium, London. I've gotten great feedback from my fans in Great Britain.


Love Music : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time? 

I like to work on cars whether it's mods or repairs.


Love Music : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you ? 

My social media links are; , ,

And thank you for listening and adding me to your blog 


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